10th Anniversay Day 10/1/2015

Who could believe that the time has gone so quickly. it only seems like yesterday that the Late great gentleman Jack Elliott did the honours teeing off the first hole as we all watched on in anticipation cracking our necks to have a go on the South Coast’s newest golf course.
Our Pesident Kevin Duffy did the honours on this occasion and besides having a lesson the day before still managed to miss the ball on his first attempt but he managed a cheessy grin when he sent it soaring into the atmosphere on his second attempt much to the delight of the large crowd in attendence.Well done Kev.

A full field of 136 starters took to the course for a 4 person ambrose and supprisingly most were back in the clubhouse in about 4 hours plus whitch was outstanding.

Winners on the day were the” Browns “with Alona,Kirk,and Jason joined by Col Cattrell.The runners up were the Kohlers ,Steve and Andrew, That man again Richard Marshall and Vince Morris.In third place Rob Ray,Ben Bassett,Gary Ganderton and Bob Walsh.All teams were all within 1 point of each other.

Anyway the day was not about winners on the course the winners were the organisers who did a fab job.The Lady bowlers did an excellent job with lunch plenty of good healthy food that was enjoyed by everyone.

The old “surfie”Panky was the M.C.for the day and once again the Ladies must of been wondering what he must of looked like as a young fellow with his surf board over his shoulder strutting into the surf.What a lucky person Cath is and was however she did say he was a little bit slow for her these days.I should clarify that ,when I asked her before the game were they playing together she said no that Greg was too slow for her.Anyway job well done “Panky”.

To the combined committee’s of the 3 sections thank you for your efforts,to Rob and the ever willing Peter a big thank you to them and also to our CEO Chris Allen who played and stayed on and shared in a few cheers and to all the Board for their generous donation that went towards one of the best if not the best day our club has had.

The Stranger