11th February 2015

11th February 2015
Vet’s Single Stableford.Sponsored by: South coast security
Results:62 Players competed this event.
Winner: Les Cuka with 41 points c/b.
Second: Curt Moy 41 points
Third: Dennis Reid with 39 points.
6th: Ian Cockburn 98 cms.
8th: Brian Herring 526 cms.

4th: Div – 1: Brian Herring 61 cms.
Div – 2: Pat Collier 1200 cms.
15th: Div – 1: John Eccleston 135 cms.
Div – 2: Richard Lydon 206 cms.
Ball Count went down to 35 points.

Winner Les Cuka (L) with Gary Sawyers (R)

11th February.
Second Place:
Curt Moy (L) with Gary Sawyer (R)