17th December

Vet’s single stableford & ham daysponsored by:Bridgestone tyre Centre
winner: Richard Lydon 43 points

second:Gary Sawyer 42 points c/b
third: Chris Hoffman 42 points

6th: Richard Lydon 463 cms
8th: Fred Curbishley 1200 cms

4th: Div – 1: Brian Herring 212 cms
Div – 2: Mick Crews 310 cms
15th: Div – 1: Col burgess 173 cms
Div – 2: Ian cockburn 95 cms

Ham prizes went to those players with 34 points or more.

Pic: winner: Richard Lydon (L) with Gary Sawyer (R)

17th December 2014
second Place winner:Gary sawyer(L) with Alex Leach(R)
17th December 2014
Third Place Winner:Chris Hoffman(L) with Gary Sawyer(R)