2016 Shoalhaven ex Servicemens club VETS GOLF presentation night


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Golf, that’s all that he talks about,
all that’s on his mind.
No duller conversations
could anyone find.
To me it’s kind of silly
that the highest score you make
is when from your grand total
points off you plan to take.

I’ll always be a golf widow.
I never get him back
unless he breaks one hundred
and has a heart attack.

He’s kind of like our mailman,
neither rain, nor sleet or hail.
If he had to use a whale boat
he’d be out there, never fail.
And you wouldn’t believe what
those golf courses charge.
The bill from the nineteenth tee
Is amazingly large.

Golf’s a perfect game
he always insists.
Then he comes home and
wants to open his wrists.

There is no sane reason
for golfs addictive interaction.
Or any sane explanation
for his passionate attraction.

I think what happened,
his head must have gotten smacked
the first time he went golfing
by the first ball he wacked.