9/1/2019 Worrigee Links Vets Golf Single Stableford


57 members and 5 visitors played


A Grade   Brian Herring 43 points                 B Grade   Bob Walsh   39 points        C Grade  Nick Themson  36 points c/b

Runners Up

A Grade  Ken Cole   38 points                         B Grade   Dennis Reid                          C Grade   Steve Power  36 points (visitor)

Nearest The Pin

A Grade R Morrison (visitor) 6th hole Mick Liddy 12th hole        B Grade  Not won 6th hole Dennis Reid 8th hole                 C Grade  Not won 6th hole George Jurotte 17th hole

Drive and Pitch

 A Grade  Cam Fraser 4th hole  B Herring 9th hole                         B Grade   Doug Reid    4th hole  Ken Bailey  13th hole        C Grade    Not won  4th hole  Wayne Magill 15th hole

From President, Bob

The Eclectic will start from Feb through to September and will be played on monthly medal Days.

Colin Brigstock will be running a Comp called “The Run to October”. Points will be awarded for attendance and the position you finish in the field. Updates will be available as the comp goes on.

There will be no changes to local rules as per first of January i.e.out of bounds ,max score per hole etc.

Balls not won in novelty events will be accumulated and each month a draw will take place for these left over balls.

That should be enough news for this week. Bob

In steamy conditions the course was in great order for the day. Fish and Chips has hit a purple patch for the last month. Well played. Mick, I did not think the 12th hole was 18 metres long??

Next week’s event is single stableford.

Mugs Away