Bob Pender Ambrose Challenge Closely Contested

The Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemens Social Golf Club held its annual Bob Pender 2 Person Ambrose Trophy at Shoalhaven Heads Golf Club on 19th July.

Despite threats of poor weather in previous days, 27 players lined up for the challenge and enjoyed a cold but dry day. However, this did not stop our ex-Pom immigrants from complaining about the cold. The course was in its usual great condition and showed none of the rains from previous days.

As usual, the status of having names engraved on the trophy and the associated bragging rights for the next 12 months, brought out some very competitive golf.

Winners on the day were Mark McClelland and Paul Kirk with a score of 58.75. Their round included an impressive 32 on the back nine including birdies on the final two holes. The winners seemed to always have a ‘hittable shot’ on the fairways and sunk some impressive putts under pressure.

Runners up were Luke Bowden and Todd Richter with a score of 61.5. Luke and Todd were neck and neck with the winners for most of the round and enjoyed an eagle on the 9th and missed a second eagle by centimetres on the 14th.   Third place went to Craig Muller and Aaron Drabsch with a solid 62.

Just back from these scores were new members Michael Pearce and Ash Hoogwerf with an impressive 62.25. This is an excellent result when considering their handicaps of 24 and 27 and noting that other pairings generally had a low handicapper as the team anchor.

It was also good to hear from a number of groups that the profession skill of sledging is alive and well in social golf especially when critical shots were about to be played. The art of gardening was also evident with reports that Les Gernyi was seen spending considerable time in the shrubbery.

Nice to see Phil Rimmer sinking some good putts after having two bionic knees added to his playing equipment. Defending champions Keith Muller and Glen Summerfield after a strategic 2nd shot on the difficult 3rd, only needed a 2 metre putt to snare their first birdie for the round. JV Diejen and Muzz decided to use a rebound from the OOB peg to redirect to ball towards the 10th and then using this as encouragement, hit a real golf shot to set up a birdie on the 11th.

The usual individual NTP, Long Drive and Drive and Pitch prizes were up for grabs. Ash Hoogwerf must have packed his Navy radar gear into his golf bag and his accurate shooting won him the Moto Parts On The Move NTP and also the NTP on the 15th. Other NTPs on the 2nd and 11th went to Gary de Banke and Barry Wright with tight shots to difficult pin placements and Barry also claimed the Birdies Nest.

The Ladies Long Drive went to a solid drive from Jennifer Goodall and Linda Trusler snared the Ladies Drive & Pitch.  The Stanley John Menswear Men’s Drive & Pitch went to Les Gernyi and Gary de Banke with a shot that ended only centimetres from the cup.  The A & B Grade Men’s Long Drives went to Gary de Bank and Paul Kay respectively. Paul’s drive was huge and just behind the A Grade mark. This obviously inspired him because he then contributed a great second and a 50ft putt to notch a birdie for his team.

Major raffle prizes on the day went to Gary de Banke and Club Secretary (& well deserving event patron) Bob Pender. We are assured the bottles of red will be used purely for medicinal purposes!

Winner:Mark McClellan/Paul Kirk58 3/4
First Runner UpLuke Bowden/Todd Richter61  1/2
Second Runner Up:n/a
Best of the Rest Front 9:n/a
Best of the Rest Back 9:n/a
NTP Shortest:6thAsn HoogwerfMoto Parts on the Move Voucher
Birdie’s Nest:11thBarry Wright
NTP:2ndGarry De Banke
NTP:11thBarry Wright
NTP:15thAsh Hoogwerf
Ladies Longest Drive:16thJenniffer Goodall
Men’s Longest Drive A Grade:16thGarry De Banke
Men’s Longest Drive B Grade:16thPaul Kay
Ladies Drive and Pitch:6thLinda Trusler
Men’s Drive and Pitch:14thLes GernyiStanley Johns Men’s Wear Voucher
Handicap Breakers: