Mens Golf Committee 2016

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Vice President    Bob Bowden 0434199858

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Vice Captain      Greg Bainbrigge  0409580786

Secretary          Lloyd

Treasurer.        Rob Lidsey.   0402488224

Publicity             Rob Nancarrow 44217430


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14 April Kinghorne Motors 4BBB & Single Stableford

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85 players braved the windy conditions on Saturday to contest the Kinghorne Motors 4BBB and Single Stableford. This was also the qualifying round for the Cock of the Walk.

4 BBB winners were Robert Oke and Chris Hinsley with 48 from Alex and Dave Hedger, 47.

Singles results:

A Grade winner was Phil Nicolaides with 37 on a count back from Michael Abbott.

B Grade, Waren Smart 38 from Steve Hinkley 37.

C Grade Robert Oke with the best score of the day 45. Alex Hedger second with 43.

Nearest the Pins:

6th Murray Smith

8th and Golden Shot Evan Norris

14th Matt Davies

17th Culburra Kitchen Eagle Nest not win.

Drive and Pitch:

A Grade 10th Greg Bainbrigge

B Grade 3rd Matt Davies

C Grade 13th Alan Chapman

Ball comp 35 or better.

The draw for the Cock of the Walk will be on the notice board this week.

A reminder that the first round for the single match play is due to be completed by the 2 May.

Next weeks event is Shoalhaven Patios single stableford.

Good golfing.

King Tide Oysters Round 7; Results

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New competition Favourites the Dragons proved much too good for the reigning premiers The Panthers 105 -92.Whilst both Teams were a little light on players Alan Chapman is surely the buy of the season with another man of the match performance whilst for the losers John Van Diejen was solid.New recruit Gary Dwyer is still out injured  and his return will be greatly anticipated by the Panthers.

In the shock of the Round the Roosters finally won a game at the expense of the disappointing Tigers by the tune of 99- 91.Chris Witt was the best for the”Gras Boys” while for the Tigers their old “Stager” in the centres played his heart out once more.The water Boy “Panky” thinks he can turn up when he likes but I’ve heard on good authority that he will soon be looking for a new “well”.

The Sharks despite being badly hit with injuries still managed to beat a woeful Bunnies in a Shocker 90-87.Garry Ganderton although looking like he still needs to shed a couple paved the way for the victors who will be a force when at full strength.Best for the Bunnies was there Capt Drago Stih.who surely must be the hardest trainer in the Comp as he is seen doing laps every day.

6  points separated The Eels and the Dogs in a low scoring affair with the dogs prevailing.95- 89.Best for the Dogs was Chris Pender who’s game will surely improve once he knows his way around the paddock.New recruit Paul Harris appears as though he does not want to play and surely wont be there at the end of the first Round.Capt Brian Herring was seen physically pushing him on to the ground!!The Eels are missing their front rower Col Cattell whilst speedy winger Alona Brown had another solid game in trying conditions.

Manly hung on to 2nd spot on the Ladder with a 17 point win over a very ordinary Steelers,107-90.The Stranger thinks a “coup De Grace” will shortly be on the cards with Brian Dwyer the Captain has lost the support of his players mainly due to his bad attitude and open display of affection for another Team.Manly best was Warren Smart for the Steelers Phil Nicolaides was solid.

Ladder: Dragons 12: Manly 10: Dogs 9: Bunnies 8: Panthers 7:Tigers 6: Eels 6: Sharks 6:Steelers 2: Roosters 2:

Next Week: Tigers V’s Bunnies :Dragons V’S  Dogs: Steelers V’S Sharks :Eels V’S Panthers : Roosters V’S Manly.

The Stranger

King Tide Oysters Round 6 Results 7th April

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The much anticipated top of the table clash resulted in an easy win to the Dragons over Manly by 214-227.Kev Pattison led the way for the Dragons backed up by a solid performance from their skipper Banga Bainbrigge.Manly certainly missed the consistant Warren Smart another dismal performance by Capt-Coach Kirk Brown who looks very unlikely to be there to much longer.

The Tigers welcomed back star player Andrew Kohler this week with an easy win over the poorly led Steelers going down by 19 points.In his new role as Capt of the Steelers Brian Dwyer maybe should be relieved of his duties as he looks as though it is a bit out of his comfort zone.

A man of the Match game by Cameron Fraser proved a major factor in a 22 point drubbing over an understrength Sharks.Bruce Eddy was solid for the Victors whilst speedy winger Alona Brown had another fine game for the Eels who are keeping in touch with the leaders.

A return to the paddock by their Capt Col Burgess and a great game from their no 9 Ray Wolfenden was not enough to give the Roosters their first win of the season going down in a close one to the undisciplined Dogs by 2 points.The Roosters got off to an horrendous start when their mouthy half back Rob Lidsey was not allowed to take the field due to a pre match altercation with the referee when he kept pointing his finger at the Ref and finally poked him!!!

The Panthers 212-216 over the Bunnies in a close one.A great game by their over weight Capt Tony Edmunds proved the difference.Star player and last years best and fairest Alan Tonacia is well down on form and the Tigers must be smiling as a generous offer to join them for this season was rejected.For the Bunnies drago Stih,Billy Goat and Evan Norris were solid.

Next week: Tigers  V’s  Roosters  : Dragons  V’s  Panthers : Bunnies  V’S  Sharks  : Eels  V’S  Dogs : Manly V’S  Steelers .

The Stranger

7th April Wray Owen Monthly Medal

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96 players with 3 visitors took part in the Wray Owen Monthly medal for April.

A Grade

Visitor,  Clayton Mancell was the winner with a 2 under round 68, net 66 on a count back from Cameron Fraser and Brett Bishop. Both players shooting par rounds, as did Troy Monie to win scratch.

B Grade

Steve Hinckley with a net 63, also Mug Winner, a clear winner from Ray Wolfenden, 68. A further shot back and third was Alan Barnes. Scratch winner Les Cuka, 84

C Grade

George Jurotte with 65 from Tony Edmunds , 66, next Damien Spresseralso with 66. Scratch winner Ritchie Lydon, 88.

Drive and Pitch

A Grade 9th Greg Bainbrigge

B Grade 4th Steve Hicks

C Grade 15th Lindsay Elliott

Longest Drive

A Grade T Davison

B Grade S Hicks

C Grade C Peek

Nearst the Pins

6th Pete Hamilton, Golden Shot winner

8th Ken Bailey

14th Sean Egan

17th Culburra Kitchen Eagle nest not won

Ball comp 70 or better.

Shoalhaven Sheild team played against Shoalhaven Heads at Sussex Inlet on Sunday, going down 3 1/2 to 4 1/2. Replacement players Brian Dwyer and Rob Lidsey winning along with John Peters. Alan Chapman  halving is game.

Next week game is the Kinghorne Motors 4BBB stableford and single stableford. Also the qualifing round for the Cock of the Walk.

Good golfing

31st March Crofty’s Auto & Tyres Single Stableford

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106 players took part in the Crofty’s Auto & Tyre Single Stableford.

The Easter Bunny came early for Richie Lydon claiming the Culburra Kitchen eagle nest on the 17th with a hole in one. Congratulation and well done Richie.

Steve Maugher took out the golden shot on the 8th. He should be donating his winnings to Denis Rutherford to pay for his medical costs after a miss directed tee shot on the 4th hit him. We did hear the “four” call but thought we were safe standing so close the 4th fairway.

A Grade was decided on a count back with 5 players all recording 39. Adam Long winning from Joel Perkins then Claire Rayner.

B Grade , Drago Stih 40 won with Graeme Bannister 2nd with 38 beating Kirk Brown on a count back.

C Grade, Steve Hutchison with the best score of the day , 43. 2nd to Richie Lydon 42 ( thanks to his 5 pointer on the 17th), Bruce Eddy 3rd with 39.

Nearest the pins:

6th Drago Stih

8th Steve Mauger

14th Mark Gatt

17th Richie Lydon

Drive and Pitch:

A Grade Leigh Alder

B Grade Ben Beckett

C Grade Gary Payn

Ball comp 37

Next week Wray Owen Monthly Medal.

A reminder that competition fees have increased to $15.00 from Saturday.

Good Golfing.

King Tide Oysters Round 5 Results

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The clash of the Round was between co leaders Manly and the Bunnies with the “Silvertails”getting up in a close one 112-109.Solid performances from Clarrie Raymer and their ageing Capt Kirk Brown.Lost all his hair now, the salary Cap debarkle certainly has taken its toll.

The Dragons join Manly at the top with a hard earned victory over the Tigers.Graeme Bannister best for the Dragons ably supported by Alan Chapman and Capt Banga.The Tigers are looking to trade one of their players already,he rarely turns up and when he does he’s hopeless.Score 112-106.

The Eels needed a win to keep in touch and it came at the expence of the lowly Steelers another Team anxious to get rid of one of their star recruits.Man of the Match was Bruce Eddy well backed up by Cam Fraser.Best for the losers was Les Berghofer.Score 111-99.

The Dogs thanks to a superb game by their wily hooker Richie Lydon managed a draw with the premiers an entertaining game.Richie a 5 pointer on the 17th.Once again the dogs Capt interpretations of the rules was on show the medical staff need to have a close look at this player maybe the H.I.A. are not picking up some deep down problem!!For the Premiers last years player of the year Alan Tonacia struck form.

The Sharks thanks to solid games from Greg Fulthorpe and George Kulscar just fell in against the “Bondi Junction Bus Stop Kids”by 106-105.The return of Capt Col Burgess improved the performance of the Roosters but some of their other players are stuck at the “Coffee Table”.

Ladder:Dragons 8:Manly 8:Bunnies 6:Panthers 5: Dogs 5:Tigers 4:Eels 4: Sharks 4:Steelers 2: Roosters 0:

Next Week:Tigers V’S Steelers:  Eels V’S  Sharks:  Dogs V’S Roosters: Dragons V’S Manly:Bunnies V’S Panthers:

The Stranger.



24th Feb: P B Smash Repairs Sinlge Stableford

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96 players contested the P B Smash Repairs single stableford in ideal conditions. Michael Quinn won A Grade with 41 from Sean Egan 40 and Greg Bainbrigge with a par round 37 points third.

B Grade a very close affair with a 3 way count back all with 39 points. Trev Johnstone had best back nine with Ken Smith second and Brian Stapylton third.

John Bruton had the best score of the day to win C Grade, 44, Chris Hinley next with 41 and third to Terry Wynn 40.

Nearest the pins:

6th  and Golden Shot Steve Maugher

8th Karl Seemmler

14th Glenn Ceissman

17th Culburra Kitchens Eagles Nest not won.

Pitch and Drive:

A Grade 9th Alan Tonacia

B Grade 4th Bob Bowden

C Grade 15th Chris Hinsley

Ball comp 36 points.

Next week event Crofty’s Auto & Tyres Single Stableford.

Congratulations to Cameron Fraser and  Grant Sinclair who recently travelled to Orange to contest the City of Orange Veterans Classic. Cameron claimed the overall scratch winner and Grant the B Grade handicap.

The draw for the sinlges matchplay is on the notice board. Please ensure the first round matches are completed by the due date.

Good Golfing.

King Tide Oysters round 4 Golf League

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The Tigers bounced back from last weeks loss to trounce the Eels by 40 pts.Vince Morris was man of the Match with a solid performance.Not much to say about the losers.

An understrength Dogs went down by 107-99 to Manly thanks to a great game by John Bruton.They could be in a bit of trouble though as salary cap breaches again could see them lose points.The problem again being third party payments apparently to the Manly Playboy Ken Bailey last year,being supplied free “Mac’as”, double quarter Pounders unlimited fries etc etc.

Competition favourites the Dragons brushed the Steelers 112-97.The Dragons were solid all over the park however points for Man of the Match went to Brian Stayplyton.For the Steelers there Captain tried hard with little support and they look in for a long season.

The Premiers fell in against The Sharks who will be with-out their Capt Mick Edwards for a while something about extra duties whilst awaiting a new edition to the Family.Hope all goes well Mick for you and family.The Result Panthers 105-103.Man of Match was old “Croaky” their new buys for the season don’t appear to be firing yet.

The Final Game of the Round was a “Shocker” the Bunnies over the Roosters by 98-87.The “Gras” boys are still winless after 4 rounds and are certainly headless chooks with out their Capt who I believe returns this week.

Ladder: Manly* 6: Dragons 6: Bunnies 6:Tigers 4:Panthers 4:Dogs 4: Eels 2:Sharks 2:Steelers 2: Roosters 0

*Manly could lose points due to breach of Salary Cap.Depends on weigh in of last years discard Ken Bailey.The weigh in will prove whether allegations are true.By looking at him it certainly looks grim!!

The Stranger

17th March Nowra City Holden Single Stableford

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94 players contested Saturday’s Nowra City Holden Single Stableford with countbacks required to separate the winners in all grades.

A Grade winner was Josh Campbell with 41 points from Arthur Bowler. John Van Diejen in the winning group again, third with 40.

B Grade Brian Dwyer from Glenn Ceissman both with 42. How long will Glen’s form continue. 2 games back and podium finishes. Sam Watts third with 41.

C Grade  41 points again the winning score with Allan Chapman from Trent Boundy on a countback. Third to Geoff Little 40.

Nearest the Pins:

6th Glen Ceissman

8th and Golden Shot Ray Wolfenden

14th George Kulcsar.

17th Culburra Kitchen sponsored Eagle Nest not won.

Drive and Pitch:

A Grade 10th Steve Kohler

B Grade 3rd Graeme Banister

C Grade 15th Geoff Little.

Ball comp winners needed at least 38 points.

Next week P B Smash Repairs Single Stableford.

The latest round of the Shoalhaven Shield was played on Sunday at Shoalhaven Heads against Nowra. Another loss but an improved effort going down 5 to 3. Congratulation to Allan Chapman, Les Berghofer and Garry Dwyer who all won their games. Les, see what happens when you turn up on time. Although it looks like Steve Mauger in his debut this year might take the prize for the latest player to turn up. Another contender for the biggest looser emerged with Phil Nicolaides going down 9/7.

Finaly a message to all smokers. There are plenty of rubbish bins around the course to put cigarette butts in.  They just don’t disappear when you through them on the ground, they stay there. It’s time to start putting them in the bin.

Good Golfing.

King Tide Oysters Golf League Round 3 Results

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The Dogs proved too strong for a badly weakened Tigers by 103 -97 in a pretty low game.The persistant jabbering to the referee certainly spoilt the game even with out their troublesome Captain the Dogs are a Team that win few friends.

The Dragons were too strong for the sharks ,Alan Chapman was the Match winner backed up by strong performances by Steve Kohler and Kev Pattison.Running out winners 117 -108.The Sharks were solid and will cause plenty of upsets this year.

The Steelers notched up their first win of the season well led by “Punchy” Dwyer and another strong performance by Clint Kennedy.”Punchy” earned his nickname after an altercation a couple of years ago on an away trip when a much loved and revered person who plays for the Tigers was blind sided and left with broken glasses and loose teeth that have now started to fall out.That person has never mentioned the incident,goes to show what the Tigers are about.The Bunnies suffered their first loss 106-103.

The Premiers the Panthers brushed aside last weeks defeat and bounced back with a drubbing of the Roosters 107-93.The Penriths play maker John Van Diejon was man of the Match .The Latte Sippers will welcome back Capt Col Burgess this week they have been a pathetic lot with out him.Lindsey Elliott was best for the losers.

In the last game of the Round the previous undefeated Manly Silvertails went down in a close one to the Eels 109-107 Solid games to Mark Gatt and Col Cattell for the victors Warren Smart was best for Manly.Older players for the Silvertails Kirk Brown and Lloyd Pigram look to be a bit past it,and would expect one of these to go before the end of the first round as Teams have the opportunity to replace one player.

At the end of Round 3 no Team remains undefeated.Will show ladder next week.

The Stranger