Mens Golf Committee 2016

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Vice President    Bob Bowden 0434199858

Captain                Brian Dwyer 0432620178   E:

Vice Captain      Greg Bainbrigge  0409580786

Secretary          Lloyd

Treasurer.        Rob Lidsey.   0402488224

Publicity             Rob Nancarrow 44217430


Committee         Tony Edmunds      44233001E:twoas@bigpond,com

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Change To Match Play Conditions

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Although the books states Saturday the 3rd of March as qualifying round for singles Match Play this is not correct and those wishing to participate need to put their names down on the notice board sheet.Nominations close on 24th of March.In other words there is no qualifying round just nominate if you wish to play.

Dates will be shown on the draw however you may only play your match on a Saturday if it is a stroke Event.Players to organise their own times to play.

Players must also be financial according to Terms of Main Club .

This will also apply to the Cock of The Walk Pairs.Nomination form will be displayed on the notice Board..

The Stranger

10th February: Solomon Motors Single Stableford

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Another good field of 103 players contested Saturday’s event in ideal conditions.

The stand out score of the day was Chris Hensley with 47 points to win C Grade by 4 points from Lindsay Elliott with 43 and Vic Speechley third with 42 points.

A Grade was closer event with Evan Norris winning on a count back from Brett Bishop  both with 40 points. Sean Egan was third with 39.

B Grade was just as close with Ian Mackie winning with 41 points from Ken Smith and Ben Beckett both with 40 points.

Nearest the Pins:

6th and Golden Shot , Brad Henderson

8th. Mark Baker

14th. Claire Rayner

17th Culburra Kitchen Eagles Nest not won.

Drive and Pitch:

A Grade: not won, winner was ineligible due to wrong handicap.

B Grade 4 th Cameron Stubbs

C Grade 15th  Chris Hinsley

Ball comp needed at least 37 points.

Next weeks event is South Coast Security sponsored single stableford.

Tip of the week: you need golf clubs when you play golf. A certain player turned up to the first tee on Wednesday and didn’t realise that he didn’t have his clubs on his cart. He was lucky to still have his clubs as they fell off the back of his cart on the way to play. He was also lucky that they didn’t fall off when he came back from Callala after playing in Shoalhaven Shield on Sunday. Tony, I’m sure we will not let you forget this , particularly ” The Stranger”

Good Golfing

3rd February- Wray Owen Monthly Medal

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Another good field of 101 players, with 2 visitors, contested the Wray Owen Monthly Medal. Once again the A Graders led the way with the best scores for the day.

A Grade and mug winner with a net 63 was Karl Semmier. Second on a count back went to a visitor from Nowra, Damien Costain from Chris Black both with 64. Scratch winner with a fine round of 3 under , 67, was Paul Maiolo.

B Grade winner by 4 shots was Martin Hewitt with a net 66. Martin also won the scratch with 79. Second on another count back was Greg Fulthorpe from Ray Wolfenden with 70.

C Grade winner and another count back to separate them saw Garry Ganderton  triumph over Alex Leach both with 68. Garry also took home the best scratch score with 91. Third went to Garry Dwyer with 70.

Drive and Pitch winners:

A Grade. 10th Dave Hedger

B Grade. 3rd Martin Hewitt

C Grade.  13th Alex Leach

Longest Drive 18th

A Grade Robert Murphy

B Grade Mick Martin

C Grade Jim Alder

Nearest the Pins:

6th Brian Herring

8th and Golden shot Greg Davies

14th Shane Cochrane

17th Culburra Kitchen eagle nest not won. There is now 30 balls up for grabs if someone can get within 30cm which is proving a challenge.

Ball comp net 68 or better.

Next week is sponsored by Solomon Motors and is a single stableford.

Sunday saw the start of the Shoalhaven Shield with us soundly beaten by Vincentia at Callala country club. Didn’t help that for half the team it was their first outing at the course. Also for Ray and Garry they had their good round on Saturday and could repeat their efforts on Sunday.Well done to John Peters the only winner on the day and Tony Edmunds for squaring his game. Better luck for the next round at Nowra.

Good Golfing.

King Tide Oysters Golf League

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This year there will be 10 teams and 2 full Rounds will be played.Teams will consist of 6 players and the best 3 scores will be taken from each Team.Should a Team have only 2 players 25 pts will be awarded in stableford Events and stroke 85 nett.Should a Team have only 1 player they will forfeit the match.Teams and Draw are on the notice Board first game to commence on the Monthly Medal in March.

Last years winners The Panthers should once again be hard to beat they have also purchased Pete Hamilton and up and comer Gary Dwyer.The Dragons will be a tougher proposition with the purchase of top Dragon Alan Chapman.Manly also look to be stronger with top picks with ash Hoogwerf Mr consistency Clarrie Raymer and John Bruton.

The Dogs Capt of last year Brian Herring has been replaced by Richie Lydon due to Mr Herrings constant outbursts against officialdom his behaviour will be under close scrutiny this year.

The Steelers new Team in this year under Captain Brian Dwyer look set for the wooden spoon whilst other new comer the Sharks look a Team that could go places.

Col Burgess’s Roosters another new Team will struggle as will the Bunnies and Eels.

The mighty Tigers will again be a force to be feared even though they unsuccessfully tried to transfer “Panky”but alas there were no takers!!!

The Stranger

27th January – Single Stableford

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The heat and high humidity didn’t deter 106 starters on Saturday with the best scores again this week belonging to the Grade golfers.

A Grade winner on a count back with 42 points was Gregory Davies from Leigh Alder. Third  with 40 points was Mark Baker.

B Grade also on a count with 42 points was Mark Cockburn with Mick Martin the unlucky runner up. Fran Deloney with 40 points third.

C Grade, Peter Thorpe won with 38 , Phillip Smith second on another count back with 37 points from Dennis Rutherford.

Nearest the Pins:

6th and Golden shot Jimmy Sach

8th Fran Deloney

14th Brian Herring

17th, Kulburra Kitchen Eagle nest, not won.

Drive and Pitch

A Grade 9th Greg Bainbrigge, not sure how he did this after his tee shot on the 8th.

B Grade 4th Mark Cockburn

C Grade 15th Trent Boundy.

Ball comp down to 37 points.

Next weeks event is the Wray Owen Monthly Medal.

Good Golfing.

13th January. Single Stableford

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One of the biggest fields we have had with 122 players contesting Saturdays event.

A Grade winner was Claire Rayner on a count back from John Van Diejon with 41 points and Greg Bainbrigge third 39 points.

B Grade: Matthew Goodwin, Kiama, first with 39 points. Second, also a visitor from Kiama, Ronnie Smart 38 points with Ross Elletson third, 37 points.

C Grade Allan Chapman with the best score of the day, 42 points, second Wayne Fagerlund on countback from Grant Morris, 39 points.

Neasrest the pins:

6th and Golden shot Kirk Brown

8th John Peters

14th Brad Warren

17th, Culburra Kitchen eagle nest not won.

Pitch and Drive:

A Grade 9th Kauri Pirika

B Grade 4th Steve Mauger

C Grade 15th Allan Chapman.

Ball comp 37 points.

Wray Owen Monthly Medal 6th January

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106 players braved the heat to battle out the first competition for the year, Ray Owen Monthly Medal.

Winners on the day:

A Grade : Matthew Hung won on a count back from Taine Davison with a net 65. Blake Nielsen a shot back for third. Best scratch score for a par round to Shane Cochrane.

B Grade : Drago Sith with both the best net and scratch scores, 63/76. Ben Beckett with 65 runner up and third to Fred Curbishley, 67.

C Grade: Aaron Monie with best score of the day , 61. Unlucky second with a fine 62 went to Chris Lahene. Third to James Avis, 67.

Nearest the pins:

6th Matthew Hung

8th  and Golden shot, Bily Gatt

14th Brian Stapleton

17th Culburra Kitchens eagle nest, no winner. Balls are now up to 24 if someone can get close.

Lomgest Drive on the 18th

A Grade Rob Nancarrow

B Grade Ben Beckett

C Grade Alex Hedger

Drive and Pitch

A Grade 10th  Lloyd Pigram

B Grade 3rd Bernie Brown

C Grade 13th Steve Knox

If anyone is interested in playing in the White Horse Cup the nomination sheet is on the notice board. Also those who want play in the King Tide Oysters golf league there is a sheet ther as well.

Thanks to Bob for cooking the BBQ. If anyone wants to help the committee cooking the BBQ each month, just let one of the committee members know.

Good golfing.


23rd December single stableford

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92 players contested Saturday’s single stableford with Christmas coming early for George Jurotte who had the best score of the day with 50 points, we’ll clear of everyone else. I’m sure the handicapper will not leave him on a handicap of 28 for too long.

A Grade winner was Claire Rayner with 46 followed by Cam Fraser, 43 points and Paul Harris third with 40.

B Grade Bob Walsh with 43 points. We think it was Bob who won as a couple of weeks ago he was heard saying he wasn’t going to play golf again. Kirk Brown with 41 beat Mark Gatt on count back for second.

C Grade George Jurotte 50 points, Andrew Strachan second 41 points and Tom McMaster third with 39’points.

Nearest the pins:

6th Cam Fraser

8th and Golden Jackpot winner  Matthew Davies.

Bad luck to Rob Nancarrow who had his name on both cads for a while.

14th Mark Scruse.

No one hit close enough to win the Culburra Kitchens sponsored 17th.

Drive and Pitch:

A Grade 10th John Van Diejen

B Grade 3rd John Black

C Grade 13th Leslie McMaster

Anyone interested in playing in the “King Tide Oysters” league starting in February, the sheet is up on the notice board. This is the second year for the league, with last years league a lot of fun. I’m sure the trade period will be interesting as a lot talk has been had in the off season on who should and shouldn’t be in teams based on last years performances.

Good golfing and Happy New Year.

King Tide Oysters Golf League

By Mens Golf on Thursday, December 21st, 2017 in Mens Golf. No Comments.

The Stranger will be running the Golf League Comp again starting in Feb.If you would like to play list will be on the notice board for names .Cost will be same as last year $10.

Merry Xmas From The Stranger [Getting stranger I Think with Old Age]

16th December D & Y Smashfinish Stableford

By Mens Golf on Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 in Mens Golf. No Comments.

86 players started on Saturday with the heat taking it’s toll with some players not completing their round.

A Grade was won by John Peters with 41 points, Leigh Elder second with 40 and Cameron Fraser hanging onto third with 39.

B Grade with best score of the day went to Claire Rayner with 42 points. Chris  Pender had 40 points to claim second. Hopefully the handicapper will make adjustments to his handicap this week after 44 last week. Third went Ashley Hoogwerf with 39.

Club president Greg Pank hung onto to win C Grade with 40 points from John Burton and Bruce Eddy third with the same score.

Golden shot on the sixth won by Bruce Eddy. Shame he missed the birdie putt as it would have won him C Grade.

Nearest the pin on the eighth was Reg Greenhalgh and the fourteenth John Peters.

No one won the Culburra Kitchen eagle nest on the seventeenth with 18 balls on offer next week.

Drive and pitch winners:

A Grade nineth Callan Spreadbury

B Grade fourth John Black

C Grade fifteenth Lance Bohne

If there is anyone interested in playing in the White Horse Cup next year, please put your name on the sheet on the notice board or let Kirk Brown know.

Next week is a stableford event and those who want to get dressed up in their best Christmas gear, feel free to do so.

Happy golfing and Merry Christmas.