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2019 Golf Committee

PRESIDENT:–Glenn Summerfield–0408 135 063

SECRETARY:–Robert Pender–4422 5742

TREASURER:–Todd Richter–0405 220 762

CAPTAIN:–Evan Norris–0425 732 545


Gary de Banke–0427 517 739

Paul Kay–0458 520 074

Peter Morgan–0402 390 921

Paul Kirk–0424 243 005

Neville Harrison –4421 3260

Keith Muller –0412 130 708


Date          Time         Place

20/1/19– 8:00am– Nowra Golf Course

10/2/19– 8:00am– St Georges Basis Golf Course

24/3/19– 7:45am– Calderwood Golf Course

14/4/19– 8:00am– Moss Vale Golf Course

19/5/19– 8:00am– Kiama Golf Course

16/6/19– 8:00am– Worrigee Links Golf Course

21/7/19– 8:00am– Shoalhaven Heads Golf Course – (Bob Pender Ambrose Challenge)

18/8/19– 8:00am– Wollongong Golf Course

15/9/19– 8:00am– Nowra Golf Course – (1st Round Championships)

29/9/19– 8:30am– Worrigee Links Golf Course – (Jack Elliott Day)

20/10/19– 8:00am– Worrigee Links Golf Course – (2nd Round Championships)

17/11/19– 8:00am– Shoalhaven Heads Golf Course – (3rd Round Championships)

8/12/18– 9:00am– Worrigee Links Golf Course – (9 Hole 3 Stick Event)

Players are required to notify the Captain or a Committee Member ASAP if unable to attend a match after registering their intent to play

Wollongong Golf Results

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Wollongong GC18/08/2019
Game day WinnerRainer Otte36
1st Runner UpEvan Norris33
2nd Runner UpGlenn Summerfield30
Front 9 WinnerPaul Kay19
Back 9 WinnerGarry de Banke14
NTPBEvan NorrisHole # 8
NTPRainer OtteHole # 5
NTPJudy WakefordHole # 10
NTPPaul KayHole # 17
Mens A-grade L/DriveKeith MullerHole # 13
Mens B-grade L/DriveGlenn SummerfieldHole # 13
Ladies L/DriveN/AHole # 13
Mens Drive ‘n’ PitchEvan NorrisHole # 4
Atli’s Ladies Drive ‘n’ PitchJudy WakefordHole # 3
Ball Rundown
Garry de BankeKeith Muller
Henry WakefordJudy Wakeford
Paul Kay
Comments / Highlights
14 Starters
Sunny day but a stiff NE kept scoring low.


Bob Pender Ambrose Challenge Results

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Shoalhaven Heads GC21/07/2019
Game day WinnersJason Jay/ Zac Richter60 Net
1st Runner UpPaul Kay/ Peter Done63 Net
2nd Runner UpLuke Bowden/ John van Diejen63.5 Net
3nd Runner UpHenry Wakeford/Todd Richter65.75 Net
NTPBDave SmithHole # 11
NTPPhil RimmerHole # 2
NTPMichael PearceHole # 6
NTPMatt KellyHole # 15
Mens A-grade L/DriveLuke BowdenHole # 17
Mens B-grade L/DriveTodd RichterHole # 17
Ladies L/DriveLinda TruslerHole # 17
Mens Drive ‘n’ PitchJason JayHole # 14
Atli’s Ladies Drive ‘n’ PitchMargaret LittleHole # 10
Ball Rundown
Matt Kelly/Michael PearceENCOURAGEMENT AWARD
Linda & Derek TruslerPhil Rimmer/Peter Morgan
Evan Norris/Judy Wakeford
Comments / Highlights
26 Starters
Cool start but nice day. Great to see Bob and Rhonda Pender attend the presentation.
Close scores – congratulations to Jason and Zac!

Worrigee Links Results

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Worrigee Links16/06/2019
Game day WinnerDave Smith44 Pts
1st Runner UpPeter Morgan44 Pts c/b
2nd Runner UpEvan Norris42 Pts
Front 9 – WinnerJudy Wakeford23 Pts
Back 9 – WinnerTodd Richter26 Pts
NTPBKeith MullerHole # 8
NTPEvan NorrisHole # 6
NTPMark McClellanHole # 12
NTPTodd RichterHole # 17
Mens A-grade L/DriveKeith MullerHole # 18
Mens B-grade L/DriveZac RichterHole # 18
Ladies L/DriveChristine TyrellHole # 18
Mens Drive ‘n’ PitchLuke BowdenHole # 15
Atli’s Ladies Drive ‘n’ PitchJenniffer GoodallHole # 2
Birdie’s NestKeith MullerHole #6
Ball Rundown
Dave ClarkLuke Bowden
Rainer OttePeter Done
Keith MullerPaul Kay
Glenn SummerfieldMark McClellan
Comments / Highlights
20 Starters
Scattered rain and a cold day did not seem to hinder the excellent scoring.


Kiama Results

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Game day WinnerNicole Otte38 Pts
1st Runner UpMurray Smith36 Pts c/b
2nd Runner UpJudy Wakeford36 Pts
Front 9 – WinnerEvan Norris19 Pts
Back 9 – WinnerDarren Green18 Pts
NTPBEvan NorrisHole # 6
NTPMurray SmithHole # 4
NTPNicole OtteHole # 11
NTPMurray SmithHole # 14
Mens A-grade L/DriveN/AHole # 12
Mens B-grade L/DrivePeter MorganHole # 12
Ladies L/DriveNicole OtteHole # 12
Mens Drive ‘n’ PitchGarry de BankeHole # 10
Atli’s Ladies Drive ‘n’ PitchNicole OtteHole # 17
Birdie’s NestEvan NorrisHole #6
Ball Rundown
Evan NorrisLes Gernyi
Garry de BankeDarren Green
Rainer Otte
Comments / Highlights
15 Starters
Course in great condition with some tough pin positions


Moss Vale Results

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Moss Vale14/04/2019
Game day WinnerEvan Norris37 Pts
1st Runner UpNicole Otte36 Pts c/b
2nd Runner UpRainer Otte36 Pts
Front 9 – WinnerShane Tobin18 Pts
Back 9 – WinnerGlenn Summerfield22 Pts
NTPBJohn van DiejenHole # 11
NTPMurray SmithHole # 2
NTPMurray SmithHole # 6
NTPPaul KirkHole # 16
Mens A-grade L/DriveMurray SmithHole # 17
Mens B-grade L/DriveGlenn SummerfieldHole # 17
Ladies L/DriveNicole OtteHole # 17
Mens Drive ‘n’ PitchLuke BowdenHole # 13
Atli’s Ladies Drive ‘n’ PitchNicole OtteHole # 16
Birdie’s NestJohn van DiejenHole #11
Ball Rundown
Glenn SummerfieldTodd Richter
Jason JayMurray Smith
Shannon KingShane Tobin
Comments / Highlights
21 Starters
Course in excellent condition


Calderwood Results

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Calderwood Golf Club24/03/2019
Game day WinnerPaul Kay42 Pts
1st Runner UpLuke Bowden40 Pts
2nd Runner UpShannon King V38 Pts
Front 9 – WinnerDave Smith22 Pts
Back 9 – WinnerJohn van Diejen21 Pts
NTPBCol BurgessHole # 4
NTPEvan NorrisHole # 6
NTPEvan NorrisHole # 8
NTPEvan NorrisHole # 13
Mens A-grade L/DriveJohn van DiejenHole # 18
Mens B-grade L/DriveTodd RichterHole # 18
Ladies L/DriveJudy WakefordHole # 18
Mens Drive ‘n’ PitchJason JayHole # 10
Ladies Drive ‘n’ PitchJudy WakefordHole # 17
Birdie’s NestN/AHole #4
Ball Rundown
Dave SmithJudy Wakeford
John van DiejenPeter Morgan
Jason JayTodd Richter
Rainer Otte
Comments / Highlights
21 Starters
Warm and muggy.


St Georges Basin Results

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St Georges Basin GC10/02/2019
Game day WinnerColin Burgess39 Pts
1st Runner UpKeith Muller38 Pts c/b
2nd Runner UpDave Smith38 Pts
Front 9 – WinnerGlenn Summerfield21 Pts
Back 9 – WinnerEvan Norris21 Pts
NTPBKeith MullerHole # 13
NTPKeith MullerHole # 2
NTPEvan NorrisHole # 10
NTPN/AHole # 15
Mens A-grade L/DriveEvan NorrisHole # 9
Mens B-grade L/DrivePhil RimmerHole # 9
Ladies L/DriveJudy WakefordHole # 9
Mens Drive ‘n’ PitchGlenn SummerfieldHole # 3
Atli’s Ladies Drive ‘n’ PitchJulie BurgessHole # 8
Birdie’s NestN/AHole #13
Ball Rundown
Bob PenderEvan Norris
Darren Green
Nicole Otte
Comments / Highlights
13 Starters
Warm and sunny day.


Nowra Golf Results

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Nowra Golf Club20/01/2019
Game day WinnerLogan Norris37 Pts c/b
1st Runner UpDarren Green37 Pts
2nd Runner UpMurray Smith36 Pts
Front 9 – WinnerNicola Otte17 Pts
Back 9 – WinnerDerek Trusler20 Pts
NTPBRainer OtteHole # 4
NTPGlenn SummerfieldHole # 8
NTPHenry WakefordHole # 12
NTPDarren GreenHole # 16
Mens A-grade L/DriveCol BurgessHole # 9
Mens B-grade L/DriveN/AHole # 9
Ladies L/DriveJudy WakefordHole # 9
Mens Drive ‘n’ PitchTodd RichterHole # 10
Ladies Drive ‘n’ PitchLinda TruslerHole # 17
Birdie’s NestR Otte/ E NorrisHole #4
Ball Rundown
Derek TruslerEvan Norris
Todd RichterMark McClellan
Judy WakefordDave Smith
Comments / Highlights
24 Starters
Warm and humid day. Tough course due to long rough.


Results of 9 Hole 3 Stick at Worrigee Links

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Worrigee Links 3 Stick Competition16/12/2018
Game day WinnerEvan Norris21 Pts
1st Runner UpTodd Richter20 Pts
2nd Runner UpDarren Green19 Pts
NTPBNot WonHole # 6
NTPDarren GreenHole # 8
Mens A-grade L/DriveEvan NorrisHole # 7
Mens B-grade L/DrivePaul KayHole # 7
Ladies L/DriveJudy WakefordHole # 7
Mens Drive ‘n’ PitchNot WonHole # 4
Ladies Drive ‘n’ PitchNot WonHole # 2
Birdie’s NestNone
Comments / Highlights
17 Starters
Hot day, course in great condition

2018 Club Championship Results

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The following prizes were awarded following the 2018 AGM on the 16th December.

A Grade Scratch WinnerMark McClellan
A Grade Scratch Runner UpEvan Norris
A Grade Net WinnerGarry de Banke
A Grade Net Runner UpJason Jay
B Grade Scratch WinnerGlenn Summerfield
B Grade Scratch Runner UpNeville Harrison
B Grade Net WinnerPeter Morgan
B Grade Net Runner UpDragan Knezevic
Ladies Scratch WinnerLinda Trusler
Ladies Net winnerJudy Wakeford
Most ConsistentPeter Morgan
Pender Ambrose WinnersPeter Done; Darren Green; Dave Smith
3 Stick Winner 2017Bob Pender
Most Reduced HandicapBob Pender

Congratulations to all the winners!