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2018 Golf Committee

PRESIDENT:–Glenn Summerfield–0408 135 063
SECRETARY:–Robert Pender–4422 5742
TREASURER:–Todd Richter–0405 220 762
CAPTAIN:–Paul Kirk–0424 243 005

Charlie Hawkins–0490 052 658
Paul Kay–0458 520 074
Peter Morgan–0402 390 921
Evan Norris–0425 732 545

Date Time Place
21/1/18– 8:00am– Nowra Golf Course
18/2/18– 7:50am– Caldrwood Golf Course
18/3/18– 8:13am– Port Kembla Golf Course
22/4/18– 8:00am– Worrigee Links Golf Course
20/5/18– 8:00am– St Georges Basin Golf Course
17/6/18– 8:00am– Kiama Golf Course
22/7/18– 8:00am– Shoalhaven Heads Golf Course
– (Bob Pender Ambrose Challenge)
TBA– 8:00am– Worrigee Links Golf Course
– (Jack Elliott Day)
19/8/18– 8:00am– Wollongong Golf Course
16/9/18– 8:00am– Nowra Golf Course
– (1st Round Championships)
21/10/18– 8:00am– Worrigee Links Golf Course
– (2nd Round Championships)
18/11/18– 8:00am– Shoalhaven Heads Golf Course
– (3rd Round Championships)
16/12/18– 9:00am– Worrigee Links Golf Course
– (9 Hole 3 Stick Event)

Players are required to notify the Captain or a Committee Member ASAP
if unable to attend a match after registering their intent to play

Social Golf Wins Jack Elliott Day 2018

By Social Golf on Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 in Social Golf. No Comments.

Jack Elliott  Day26/08/2018
Winning TeamSocial GolfPoints 366
Best Male ScoreLuke Bowden (Social)Points 41
Best Female ScoreLinda Trusler (Social)Points 30
1st Runner Up MaleDave Smith (Social)Points 40 c/b
2nd Runner Up MaleStu Dosseter (Vets)Points 40
1st Runner Up FemalePat Stevens (Ladies)Points 37
2nd Runner Up FemaleAoaulli Carrett (Ladies)Points 34
NTP Men Div 1Sean Egan (Hole in 1)Hole # 8
NTP Men Div 2Paul KayHole # 17
NTP Women Div 1N/AHole # 8
NTP Women Div 2N/AHole # 17
Mens L/Drive Div 1Evan NorrisHole # 18
Mens L/Drive Div 2Mike KnezevicHole # 1
Ladies L/Drive Div 1Elizabeth SteedenHole # 11
Ladies L/Drive Div 2Linda TruslerHole # 4
MensJohn Burton
LadiesSharron Leslie
VetsBruce Ryan
SocialBob Pender
Comments / Highlights
51 StartersMens 11; Ladies 12; Vets; 11; Social 17
Overcast but no rain and minimal wind. Course in great condition
Scores: Mens 318; Ladies 310; Vets 333


Wollongong Golf Results

By Social Golf on Saturday, August 25th, 2018 in Social Golf. No Comments.

Game day WinnerPeter MorganPoints 32
1st Runner UpKeith MullerPoints 30 c/b
2nd Runner UpMurray SmithPoints 30
Front 9 – WinnerEvan NorrisPoints 17
Back 9 – WinnerMichael PearcePoints 16
NTPGlenn SummerfieldHole # 5
NTPKeith MullerHole # 10
NTPBNev HarrisonHole # 8
NTPHole #
Mens A-grade L/DrivePaul KirkHole # 14
Mens B-grade L/DrivePeter MorganHole # 14
Ladies L/DriveN/AHole # 14
Mens Drive ‘n’ PitchEvan NorrisHole # 4
Ladies Drive ‘n’ PitchN/AHole #
Birdie’s NestNone
Ball Rundown
Nev HarrisonPeter Done
Glenn SummerfieldJudy Wakeford
Brian Peters
Comments / Highlights
17 Starters
Another very windy day that tested the skills of all players


Pender Ambrose Challenge Shoalhaven Heads

By Social Golf on Thursday, July 26th, 2018 in Social Golf. No Comments.

Pender Ambrose Challenge22/07/2018
Game Day WinnersSmith/Green/Done59.5
1st Runners UpNorris/J. Wakeford60
Front 9 – WinnersMcClellan/Kirk28.375
Back 9 – WinnersDe Banke/Gernyi31.625
NTPEvan NorrisHole # 2
NTPPaul KayHole # 6
NTPPaul KirkHole # 10
NTPMark McClellanHole # 11
NTPGary de BankeHole # 15
Mens A-grade L/DriveGary de BankeHole # 17
Mens B-grade L/DriveDave SmithHole # 17
Ladies L/DriveSandra MarshallHole # 17
Comments / Highlights


Kiama Results

By Social Golf on Thursday, July 26th, 2018 in Social Golf. No Comments.

Game day WinnerMark McClellanPoints 34
1st Runner UpPeter MorganPoints 30 c/b
2nd Runner UpJudy WakefordPoints 30
Front 9 – WinnerDave SmithPoints 19
Back 9 – WinnerGary de BankePoints 16
NTPMichael PearceHole # 4
NTPBob PenderHole # 11
NTPGary de BankeHole # 14
NTPMike KnezevicHole # 6
Mens A-grade L/DriveGary de BankeHole # 12
Mens B-grade L/DriveMike KnezevicHole # 12
Ladies L/DriveN/AHole # 12
Mens Drive ‘n’ PitchMike KnezevicHole # 10
Ladies Drive ‘n’ PitchJudy WakefordHole # 17
Birdie’s NestN/A
Ball Rundown
Dragan Knezevic 29Neville Harrison 29
Evan Norris 28Linda Trusler 27
Paul Kay 27Darren Green 27
Comments / HighlightsVery Windy

St Georges Basin Results

By Social Golf on Friday, May 25th, 2018 in Social Golf. No Comments.

St Georges Basin 20/05/2018 
Game day WinnerPaul KirkPoints 41
1st Runner UpKeith MullerPoints 40
2nd Runner UpDarren GreenPoints 39
Front 9 – WinnerJason JayPoints 20
Back 9 – WinnerPaul KayPoints 25
NTP Paul KirkHole # 2
NTPSandra MarshallHole # 10
NTPEvan NorrisHole # 15
NTPBJason JayHole # 13
Mens A-grade L/DriveLuke BowdenHole # 18
Mens B-grade L/DriveDarren GreenHole # 18
Ladies L/DriveSandra MarshallHole # 18
Stanley Johns Mens Drive ‘n’ PitchPeter MorganHole # 3
Ladies Drive ‘n’ PitchSandra MarshallHole # 8
Birdie’s Nest Glenn Summerfield, Evan NorrisHole# 13
Ball Rundown
Sandra MarshallEvan Norris 
Mark McClennanNeville Harrison 
Charlie Hawkins  
Comments / Highlights    
19 Starters. Fast Greens and course in lovely condition

Worrigee Links Results

By Social Golf on Friday, May 25th, 2018 in Social Golf. No Comments.

 Worrigee Links 22/04/2018 
Game day WinnerHenry WakefordPoints 47
1st Runner UpRobert PenderPoints 45
2nd Runner UpMike Knezevic C/BPoints 43
Front 9 – WinnerPaul KirkPoints 22
Back 9 – WinnerLinda TruslerPoints 24
NTPB Murray SmithHole # 8
NTPMurray SmithHole #  6
NTPMike KnezevicHole # 12
NTPCol BurgessHole # 17
Mens A-grade L/DriveN/AHole # 18
Mens B-grade L/DriveGlenn SummerfieldHole # 18
Ladies L/DriveLinda TruslerHole # 18
Stanley Johns Mens Drive ‘n’ PitchMurray SmithHole # 15
Ladies Drive ‘n’ PitchN/AHole # 2
Birdie’s Nest Not WonHole# 8
Ball Rundown
Paul KayCharlie Hawkins 
Evan NorrisLinda Trusler 
John van DiejenDarren Green 
Col Burgess    




Calderwood Golf Results – 18 February 2018

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19 Members competed in the Calderwood round. The results show some EXCEPTIONAL scores!

Congratulations to the winners.


WINNERAsh Hoogwerf48 Pts
1st Runner UpLuke Bowden45
2nd Runner UpPeter Harvey42
Best Front 9Michael Pearce27
Best Back 9Jennifer Goodall23
NTP 4thLuke Bowden
NTP 9thPaul Kay
NTP 13thGlen Summerfield
Mens A Grd LDN/A
Mens B Grd LDDave Smith
Ladies LDJennifer Goodall
Stanley Johns D&PN/A
Ladies D&PJennifer Goodall
Ball Comp Countback

Derek Trusler

Linda Trusler

Paul Kay

Glen Summerfield

Mike Knezevic

Dragan Knezevic

Darren Green




Nowra Golf Results – 21 January 2018

By Social Golf on Saturday, February 10th, 2018 in Social Golf. No Comments.


Sandra Marshall

45 Points

1st Runner Up

Luke Bowden

36 Points

2nd Runner Up


Gary de Banke

35 Points c/b Bob Pender

Best Front 9


Henry Wakeford

20 Points

Best Back 9

Evan Norris

17 Points

NTPB 4th


Henry Wakeford

NTP 8th

Luke Bowden

NTP 12th

Sandra Marshall

NTP 16th

Sandra Marshall

Men’s A Grade LD – 9th

Gary de Banke

Men’s B Grade LD – 9th

Peter Morgan

Ladies LD – 9th

Sandra Marshall

Stanley Johns D&P 10th

Evan Norris

Ladies D&P – 17th


Birdies Nest


Henry Wakeford

Handicap Breakers





14 Starters, fine hot day

2017 Championship Results

By Social Golf on Sunday, December 10th, 2017 in Social Golf. No Comments.

Ladies Scratch – Linda Trusler

Ladies Scratch R/U – Sandra Marshal

Ladies Nett – Judy Wakeford

Ladies Nett R/U – Jenniffer Goodall

Mens A Scratch – Mark McClellan

Mens A Scratch R/U – Evan Norris and John Van Diejen

Mens A Nett – Paul Kirk

Mens A Nett R/U – Murray Smith

Mens B Scratch – Ash Hoogwerf and Glenn Summerfield

Mens B Scratch R/U – Peter Harvey

Mens B Nett – Stephen Scott

Mens B Nett R/U – Henry Wakeford

Pointscore most consistent – Paul Kirk

Biggest Handicap reduction – Paul Kirk, -6.2 strokes

Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemens Social Golf Club
Club Championship Results – 2017
Last NameFirst NameHandicapRound 1Round 2Round 3Total
GrossNettGrossNettGrossNett36 Gross36 Nett
A Grade (0-18)
de BankeGary1185748069165143
Van DiejenJohn973648273155137
B Grade (19 Upwards)
Venue:39WorrigeeNowraShoalhaven Heads
Biggest Handicap loss:Paul Kirk-6.2strokes
Average Handicap Change:-0.4stroke
Order of precedence: Gross Winner, Nett Winner, Gross Runner-Up, Nett Runner-Up
One major prize per person
Red figures indicate dropped round.

Bob Pender Triumphs at Worrigee Links

By Social Golf on Sunday, December 10th, 2017 in Social Golf. No Comments.

Perfect conditions greeted the 15 Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen’s Social Golf Club members at Worrigee Links on Sunday 10 December 2017 for the final event of the year – a 9 hole 3 stick match.

Being limited to 3 clubs, one of which must be a putter, didn’t hamper the winners on the day, with Bb Pender, Evan Norris and Judy Wakeford all recording a solid 21 stableford points on the back 9. Bob was declared the winner on a count back, followed by Evan then Judy.

Nearest the Pin ball winners were shared around between: 12th and 17th holes went to Captain Paul Kirk, while the evergreen Col Burgess took the prize on the 14th hole. The 14th hole birdies nest went unclaimed.

The Men’s Drive and Pitch on the 15th hole went to Evan Norris, who took home the Stanley Johns Men’s Wear voucher. The Ladies drive and 2 pitches on the 15nd hole was taken out retiring President Judy Wakeford.

The 18th hole longest drive proved difficult, with neither the A graders or ladies managing to get the ball onto the fairway . Peter Morgan took out the B Grade prize..

The 3-stick event was followed by the 2017 Annual General Meeting and then the Presentation and Christmas Luncheon.

The next social golf match is at Nowra Golf Course on Sunday 21st January 2018 for a 0800 tee off.  Please advise your intention to play to Captain Paul Kirk (0424 243 005).

Winner:Bob Pender21
First Runner UpEvans Norris21
Second Runner Up:Judy Wakeford21
NTP: 12thPaul Kirk
NTP: 14thCol Burgess
NTP: 17thPaul Kirk
Birdie’s Nest: 14thNil.
Ladies Longest Drive: 18thNil
Men’s Longest Drive A Grade: 18thNil
Men’s Longest Drive B Grade: 18thPeter Morgan
Ladies Drive and Pitch: 15thJudy Wakeford
Men’s Drive and Pitch: 15thEvan NorrisStanley Johns Voucher