President: Bob Walsh

V/President: Nev Catterall

Captain: Les Berghofer

V/Captain: Bruce Ryan

Secretary: Stu Dossetor

Treasurer: Wayne Magill

Publicity:Garry Dwyer

Committee Members: Don Forster

Richie Lydon

Alby Daly

21/8/2019 Drive Car Sales 2BBB and Single Stableford

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Winners:            Ken Cole and Mike Hassler C/B 45 points

Runners Up:    Dennis Reid and Phil Smith

Single Stableford

Winner:            Lindsey Beal

Runner up:      David Clark

Nearest The Pin

A Grade        Not Won   6th hole           Not Won    12th hole

B Grade        Lindsey Beal 6th hole      Alan Liebert 8th hole

C Grade         Not Won  6th hole           Not Won   17th hole

Drive And Pitch

A Grade         Ken Smith 4th hole        Not won 16th hole

 B Grade        Bruce Reid 4th hole       Richie Lydon 13th hole

C Grade         Don Forster 4th hole      Lindsey Elliott 15th hole

Another day of wind this week made for interesting golf.The 2BBB winners were Ken Cole and Michael Hassler on a C/B from Dennis Reid and Phil Smith both with 45 points. Well done. The Single Stableford winner was Lindsey Beal with 40 points from David Clark on 37 points.

Don’t forget we will be playing at Worrigee on 4th September and at Calderwood on 25th September.

The ladies need help on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th September with their tournament. Please give a hand if you can.

The Jack Elliott Day is now on Sunday 29th September.

Well done to all with the bunkers and pitch marks getting a pass mark this week!!

That’s about all the news this week.

Next week’s event is Southern Water Company Single Stableford.

Mugs away

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14/8/2019 MCR Carpentry Single Stableford

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A Grade          Paul Wallace          44 points         B Grade     Bob Walsh          45 points      C Grade     Les Berghofer     40 points

Runners Up

A Grade          Phil Nicolaides       37points         B Grade     Ian Cockburn      40 points    C Grade     Tom Mc Master    38 points

 Nearest The Pin

A Grade         Col Burgess    6th hole          Mick Liddy     12th hole

B Grade          Not Won 6th hole                Ian Cockburn   8th hole

C Grade          Not won 6th hole                 Mike Gall       17th hole

Drive And Pitch

A Grade          R Pitt     4th hole                Col Burgess      16th hole

B Grade         Ian Cockburn 4th hole      John Black     13th hole

C Grade          Alan Brewer   4th hole      Billy Gatt      15th hole

On Wednesday we played the MCR Carpentry Single Stableford. There was some good scoring with Paul in A Grade 44 points, Bob in B Grade (whoo hoo) 45 points and in C Grade Les(Hamburger) 40 points. Also the runners up: Phil 37 points, Ian 40 points and the young fellow Tommy 38 points. Well done to all.The ball run down went to 35 points.

Don’t forget to put your name down for the MSCVI at the Basin on Monday 26th August.

Next week is Drive Car Sales 2BBB in conjunction with the Single Stableford.

Greens and bunkers got a pass mark this week. Well done and keep it up!

LATE NEWS in, we defeated the Heads in a friendly on Thursday. Our President tells me that is 3 in a row. Well done boys.

Mugs Away

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7/8/2019 Wray Owen Monthly Mug

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A Grade      Brian Stayplton     66 C/B          B Grade     Ian Cockburn     68        C Grade      Alan Brewer       67

Runners Up

A Grade      Alan Steeden           66                 B Grade     Bob Walsh          69        C Grade      Ken Stevenson   7o

Nearest The Pin

A Grade      Brian Stayplton       6th hole     Brian Stayplton     12th hole

B Grade       Not won                   6th hole     Richie Lydon          8th hole

 C Grade       Vic Speechley        6th hole       Not won                 17th hole

Drive And Pitch

 A Grade      Brian Herring         4th hole       Not Won               9th hole

B Grade        Ian Cockburn         4th hole       John Black           13th hole

C Grade         Not won                 17th hole     Wayne Beckenham   15th hole

Another cool start with an 8:30 shotgun start although it did warm up after a couple of hours. The winner of The Mug was Wayne (the Taxman) McGill who got all his fingers together for a blistering 65 net. Well Done!. The scoring on the day was very good with a C/B winning A Grade, one point in B Grade and just a few in C Grade. Well done to those players.

On 26th August there will be a MSCVI at the Basin.There are also some changes for  September. We will be playing at Worrigee on 4th September 8:30 shotgun start, Mollymook MSC Championship on Monday 23rd September and Calderwood on Wednesday 25th September.

The Jack Elliott day will be held Sunday 29th September and on  Monday 30th September MSC interclub deferred day at Mollymook.

The ladies have their 3 day tournament from 23rd to 25th September. They will need helpers for the first 2 days eg. spotters, starters, food. So, put up your hand if you can help.

Well I hope that info helps you out. Bunkers were well raked last week. Thank you and keep it up!. Still having a bit of trouble with pitch marks.Don’t forget sand on the fairways. All of this helps to keep the course in great condition.

Until next week.

Mugs away

31/7/2019 Drive Car Sales Irish 4 Ball & Single Stableford

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Irish 4 Ball


Tony Edmondson     21          Ross Elletson    19         Greg Fulthorpe   13            Kel Turner       11         Total   99

Runners Up

Bob Walsh                  19          Rob Lidsey        17          Brian Dwyer       19            Garry Dwyer    22        Total   96

Single Stableford

Winner                  Chris Hoffman    40 points C/B

Runner Up           Paul Wallace        40 points

Well it was a fresh start on Wednesday for our Irish 4 Ball. After a computer clitch all the scoring was done manually. A big thank you to Lindsay Beal for doing a great job with the cards.It is those who pitch in and help when needed that make for a great club spirit.

The single stableford for last Wednesday is now on Golflink. The winners and runners up are listed above for the Irish 4 Ball and Single Stableford. Well done all.

The Interclub results are still being finalised. The winners in A Grade were from Worrigee. Well done Robert Pitt, Paul Wallace and Brian Herring.The 4 ball results will be on the noticeboard as soon as possible. Overall Worrigee won the day. We had 6 pairs in the top 30.

Coming up friendly versus The Heads is Thursday 15th August.

MSCVGA at The Basin on Monday 26th August, Calderwood is on Wednesday 3rd September.

This week’s event is the Wray Owen Monthly Mug and Putting. This will be an 8:30 shotgun start.

Well done to the green staff. The course is in superb condition.

Until next week.

Mugs Away


24/7/2019 Worrigee Links Vets Golf Nowra City Holden – Single Stableford

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A Grade        Col Burgess         41 points        B Grade     Bob Penrose (Visitor)      38 points       C Grade     Donald Forster      41 points

Runners Up

A Grade       Greg Fulthorpe   38 points        B Grade      Doug Reid       36 points      C Grade     Chris Hoffman       40 points

Nearest the Pin

A Grade       Alan Steedman     6th hole       John Peters        12th hole

B Grade       Lindsay Beal         6th hole       Tony Edmonds   8th hole

C Grade       Don Forster           6th hole        Not Won        17th hole

Drive And Pitch

A Grade    Steve Cornford       4th hole         Bill Snelgrove      9th hole

B Grade     Doug Reid              4th hole         Ken Bailey         13th hole

 C Grade     Alan Brewer          4th hole        Ken Stevenson    15th hole

On Wednesday we played the Nowra City Holden Single Stableford with 61 starters – 5 were visitors. Well done Col with 41 points in A Grade, Bob Penrose (visitor) with 38 points in B Grade and the hard working committee man, Don on 41 points as C grade winner. The runners up were Greg (A),Doug (B) and Chris (C). Tony Edmunds got off to a slow start with his cart breaking down on the first hole. His passenger, Brian, was not impressed but they played on.

Please rake the bunkers after use  and repair  pitch marks. Also could you please phone up if you can’t make it so people don’t miss out on getting another partner. Thanks guys.

Don’t forget the friendly at the Heads on 15th August. A sheet is on the noticeboard.

Good luck to all players in the MSCVI at Worrigee next Monday 29th July.

Next week’s event is Drive Car Sales Irish 4 Ball.

Mugs Away

17/7/2019 Worrigee Links Vets Golf – Booth Partners – Single Stableford

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54 members and 4 visitors played


A Grade      John Peters         43 points           B Grade    Les Cuka      34 points                               C Grade      Tom Mc Masters    C/B 36 points

Runners Up

A Grade     Brian Herring    C/B 34 points    B Grade Bob Sutherland (visitor)   C/B 36 points  C Grade      Chris Hoffman    C/B 36 points

Nearest The Pin

A    Grade          Not Won 6th hole              Not Won 12th hole

B   Grade           Doug Reid 6th hole           Bob Walsh 8th Hole

C   Grade           Chris Hoffman 6th hole    G Jurotte 17th hole

Drive And Pitch

 Grade        John Peters 4th hole            Mick Liddy 9th hole

B  Grade       Les Mc Masters 4th hole      Not Won 13th hole

C Grade        Chris Hoffman 4th hole        Billy Gatt 15th hole

Well the early birds got the money this week! Well done John and Tom. By 10 o’clock the wind was up and the scoring dropped. Well done to all the winners.

Events coming up are:

MSCVGA at Worrigee – HELPERS NEEDED(spotters, starters & lunch)

Friendly versus Heads at the Heads Thursday 15th August – names on the noticeboard

Last Monday we played a friendly at Shellcove Links in trying conditions. A hard day was had with Shellcove coming out victorious over the 2 rounds, 717 points to 677 points. Kel and Les were best for us with 32 points each. LSC filled the top 6 from 36 points to 34 points and won the shield again.

Next week’s event is Nowra City Holden Stableford.

Below are some pics from Shellcove after a BBQ lunch. Thanks to LSC committee.

That’s all for this week.

Mugs Away





10/7/2019 Worrigee Links Vets Golf – Crofty’s Auto & Tyres – 27 hole Foursome Championship

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Winners             Brian Herring & Chris Pender       126

Runners Up     John Black & Mick Liddy                128


Winners            Alan Steeden & Brian Stapylton   105.25

Runners Up     Don Foster & Brian Malvern        110.75

Nearest The Pin

Drive & Pitch

Kel Turner & Ken Stevenson       6th hole         Tony Edmonds & Phil Nicolaides   8th hole            Ken Cole & Ian Mackie  17th hole

Richie Lydon & Lindsey Beal     13th hole         Brian Stapylton & Alan Steeden     15th hole

On Wednesday we played our 27 hole Foursomes Championship. The results are listed above.

Congratulations to the evergreen pair of Brian and Chris. I don’t know who was the captain??

On Monday we play a friendly at Shell Cove.  On Monday 29th July we play at Worrigee – the next round of the MSCVG.

Col is keeping us up to date on the Race to October. Keep watching this space.

A MSCVG round was played last Monday at The Heads with some good scores for some of our Vets. Michael Temby scored 40 points, Ian Mackie 38 points and Alf 36 points. Kel and Les picked up Drive and Pitch and Nearest the Pin. Stu will put the full list of our results on the noticeboard.

Speaking of the Heads, we have a return friendly on 15th August at the Heads.

The committee is well underway organising the Festival of Golf which will be on 28th & 29th October.

As we are half the way through the year I would like to give a shout out to our hard working President Bob and the committee for their continued effort in keeping our club strongly moving forward. Thanks to The Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen’s Club for their continued support.

Mugs Away


3/7/2019 Worrigee Links Vets Golf Wray Owen Monthly Mug

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We welcomed 6 visitors from Russel Vale today.


A Grade      Brian Herring       69 points      B Grade      Brian Cody (Visitor)       67 points         C Grade       Donald Foster 68 points

Runners Up

A Grade      Kel Turner             70 points     B Grade       Leslie McMaster (Visitor) 68 points     C Grade      Bruce Markwort (Visitor) 72 points

Nearest The Pin

A Grade     Bob Pitt         6th hole              Not Won                      12th hole

B Grade     A Liebert      6th hole              B Cody (Visitor)          4th hole

C Grade    Stu Dossetor 6th hole             D Sherlock (Visitor)   17th hole

Drive And Pitch

A Grade Col Brigstock          4th hole          Not Won           9th hole

B Grade B Cody (Visitor)    4th hole          Doug Reid         13th hole

C Grade Les Berghofer       4th hole           Bruce Markwort (Visitor) 15th hole

On a chilly morning 71 brave souls played the Monthly Mug. The winners are listed above. We had 6 visitors from Russell Vale. A few of them got into the prizemoney and enjoyed their day.

It was also the last round for the Eclectic Competition. The results are listed below.

After adding birdies at the 4th and the 11th to his Eclectic score in the final round, Kel Turner is our 2019 Eclectic winner. Kel finished with a gross score of 63 (9 birdies, 7 pars, 2 bogeys) for a net score of 57.5.Second place went to Phil Viret with a net score of 61.0 with Phil Nicolaides and Paul Wallace tied for a close third with a net score of 61.5.  The two Phils both returned gross scores of 66 comprising 4 birdies and 14 pars and Paul came in with 67 (3 birdies and 15 pars).  Three players (Brian Herring, Michael Liddy and Colin Brigstock) tied for 5th with net scores of 62.0. 85 players played a total of 325 rounds over the 6 rounds comprising the eclectic.Two eagles were recorded over the 325 rounds – Brian Stapylon on the 1st and Chris Pender on the 18th.  Not unexpectedly, the 15th was the hole with the highest number of players (16) with a birdie. The other two birdie holes were the 11th (11 birdies) and the 13th (9 birdies).  Interestingly, no one was able to score a birdie on the 16th and only 31 players recorded a par as their best on this hole. The other two “tough” holes were the 9th (only 27 with par or better) and the 12th (only 31 with par or better).

The next round of the MSCUGA will be played on Monday 8th July weather permitting at Shoalhaven Heads.

More names are required for the friendly at Shell Cove on Monday 15th July. Names are to be in by 8th July. It will be an 8.15 shotgun start TBC.

We had a new member win the medal in B Grade. Well done Leslie McMaster.

Preparations are underway for the Vets Festival of Golf starting Monday 28th October. The Committee are in full swing organising for this busy week of golf.

Next week is Crofty Auto Tyres Men’s Foursome Championship 27 holes.

Keep plugging those pitch holes!

Mugs Away



19/6/2019 Worrigee Links Vets Golf – Single Stableford

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A Grade        John Peters        38 points        B Grade       Tony Edmunds       38 points        C Grade      Alan Brewer         43 points

Runners Up

A Grade       Col Brigstock      36 points        B Grade       Brian Malvern         34 points        C Grade      George Jurrotte   36 points

Nearest The Pin

A Grade        Mick Liddy            6th hole          Colin Brigstock          12th hole

B Grade        Tony Edmunds     6th hole            Not won                   8th hole

C Grade         Not Won               6th hole            Ken Stevenson        17th hole

Drive And Pitch

A Grade        Brian Herring       4th hole             Not Won                 9th hole

B Grade           Not Won              8th hole           Ken Bailey              13th hole

C Grade         Don Foster            4th hole            Les Berghofer       15th hole

Well what a difference a bit of rain makes to the course. The heavy course making balls plug all day.Scores were generally low except for the winners. Alan Brewer must have got all the good lies with a great score of 43 points. Well done Alan.

Below is the Race To October update:

Points earned for stableford competition held on 19 June are listed below.  All other players returning a valid scorecard earned 5 points.

1Allan Brewer43.0185
2Tony Edmunds38.0170
3John Peters38.0155
4George Jurotte36.0140
5Billy Gatt36.0125
6Colin Brigstock36.0110
7Ken Stevenson34.0100
8Brian Malvern34.090
9Brian Stapylton34.080
10Brian Herring33.070
11Phil Nicolaides33.060
12Robert Pitt33.050
13Bruce Clark33.040
14Alan Liebert32.030
15Les Cuka32.020
16Wayne Beckenham31.015
17Les Berghofer31.010

With 13 rounds to the end of the regular season (on 2 October), the Top 10 on Race to October Leaderboard are:

PosnName# RndsPoints
1Allan Steeden291340
2Colin Brigstock281335
3Les Cuka301275
4Phil Nicolaides191225
5Brian Herring281200
6Michael Liddy241190
7George Jurotte261165
8Wayne Beckenham231115
8Paul Wallace311115
10Greg Goswell211040



A friendly was played on the Highlands on 6th June with 11 players from Worrigee playing. Alf Bargwana had the best score on the day for Worrigee and we won the trophy over the 2 days. Well done to all involved.

Has it come down  yet William Snelgrove? His ball landed in the top of the she oaks on the 18th ! Well spotted Bill.

That’s about all for this week. Next weeks event is a 2 ball Multiplier and Single Stableford.

Mugs Away


12/6/2019 Worrigee Links Vets Golf Monthly Medal& Friendly with Shoalhaven Heads sponsored by Wray Owen

By Vets Golf on Sunday, June 16th, 2019 in Vets Golf. No Comments.




A Grade    Colin Brigstock    65             B Grade    Brian Stapylton    68            C Grade   Tony Edmonds     67

Runners Up

A Grade   Chris Pendor        68              B Grade    Brian Malvern              70             C Grade    Les Berghofer     69

Nearest The Pin

A Grade      Not Won    6th hole             Phil Behan     12th hole

B Grade      Not Won     6th hole            Not Won         8th hole

C Grade      George Jurotte     6th hole         Don Foster      17th hole

Drive & Pitch

A Grade        Brian Herring        4th hole          Not Won             9th hole

B Grade        Ross Ayton             4th hole          Greg Goswell      13th hole

C Grade        Curt Moy                4th hole          Vic Speechley      15th hole

Mug Winner

Congratulations Nick Themson with 65 on a countback.

The Eclectic

The eclectic is being run over the six mug rounds from February to July, which means that 5 rounds have been completed with just the July round to go.  Each players eclectic score is taken as the sum over 18 holes of their best gross score on each hole over the six rounds.  Their net score is calculated by deducting 50% of the handicap applying to the latest round played of the six.

After five rounds the leaderboard shows that the top 10 are within 4 shots of the leader Kel Turner.  A full leaderboard will be posted next Wednesday.

In advance of the final round, Colin will produce a hole by hole summary for each player so that each player can see which holes to aim for an improved eclectic score.


RankName# RndsLatest H’capGrossH’cap
 Net  Difference
1Turner, Kel51065      5.0    60.0
2Viret, Phil41166      5.5    60.5   0.5
3Herring, Brian5865      4.0    61.0   1.0
4Nicolaides, Phil41167      5.5    61.5   1.5
5Black, John51469      7.0    62.0   2.0
5Stapylton, Brian51670      8.0    62.0   2.0
7Brigstock, Colin41168      5.5    62.5   2.5
7Wallace, Paul51168      5.5    62.5   2.5
9Cornford, Steve51470      7.0    63.0   3.0
10Burgess, Col41270      6.0    64.0   4.0
10Liddy, Michael41069      5.0    64.0   4.0

Race To October Update 12th June ( trophies Sponsored by MSCVGA)

Posn Name Score Points Posn Name # Rnds Points Dif 1 Dif 35 Posn Name # Rnds Points Dif 1 Dif 35 Position Name # Rnds Points Dif 1 Dif 35
1 Nick Themsen 65.0 185 1 Allan Steeden 28 1335 0 730 36 Vic Speechley 24 580 -755 -25 71 Tony Hanson 1 200 -1135 -405
2 Colin Brigstock 65.0 170 2 Les Cuka 29 1255 -80 650 37 Bob Walsh 21 575 -760 -30 72 Ian Mackie 10 195 -1140 -410
3 Tony Edmunds 67.0 155 3 Colin Brigstock 27 1225 -110 620 38 Donald Forster 27 570 -765 -35 73 Barry Moore 2 170 -1165 -435
4 Chris Pender 68.0 140 4 Michael Liddy 23 1185 -150 580 39 Tom MacMaster 29 555 -780 -50 74 Greg Davies 6 165 -1170 -440
5 Brian Stapylton 68.0 125 5 Phil Nicolaides 18 1165 -170 560 39 Ken Bailey 13 555 -780 -50 75 Ian Cockburn 12 155 -1180 -450
6 Les Berghofer 69.0 110 6 Brian Herring 27 1130 -205 525 41 Rob Lidsey 20 550 -785 -55 76 Jimmy Sach 3 140 -1195 -465
7 Brian Malvern 70.0 100 7 Paul Wallace 30 1110 -225 505 42 Ken Cole 12 540 -795 -65 77 Ken Smith 5 130 -1205 -475
8 Vic Speechley 70.0 90 8 Wayne Beckenham 22 1100 -235 495 43 Tony Edmunds 20 510 -825 -95 78 Greg Fulthorpe 5 115 -1220 -490
9 Ross Ayton 71.0 80 9 Greg Goswell 20 1035 -300 430 44 Claudio Dall’Orto 26 505 -830 -100 79 Bill Dowdell 1 110 -1225 -495
10 Les Cuka 71.0 70 10 George Jurotte 25 1025 -310 420 44 David Clark 29 505 -830 -100 80 Terrence Earle 2 100 -1235 -505
11 Curt Moy 71.0 60 11 Lindsay Elliott 27 975 -360 370 46 Cam Fraser 13 500 -835 -105 81 Neville Catterall 19 95 -1240 -510
12 Ivan Barrette 71.0 50 12 Bruce Clark 23 955 -380 350 47 Bob Biesheuvel 12 490 -845 -115 81 Chris Witt 1 95 -1240 -510
13 Greg Goswell 72.0 40 13 Ken Stevenson 12 935 -400 330 48 Peter Bergin 15 480 -855 -125 83 George Turnbull 4 90 -1245 -515
14 Phil Viret 72.0 30 14 Alan Liebert 25 920 -415 315 49 Brian Dwyer 24 475 -860 -130 84 Kirk Brown 7 85 -1250 -520
15 Kel Turner 72.0 20 15 Phil Viret 15 905 -430 300 49 Lindsay Beal 14 475 -860 -130 85 Robert Carter 12 70 -1265 -535
16 Chris Hoffman 72.0 15 16 Col Burgess 16 865 -470 260 51 Ivan Barrette 27 450 -885 -155 86 Alf Bargwanna 13 65 -1270 -540
17 David Clark 72.0 10 17 Doug Reid 22 850 -485 245 52 Geoff Rankin 9 445 -890 -160 87 Egon Bennies 9 45 -1290 -560
17 Les Berghofer 23 850 -485 245 52 Peter Conlon 21 445 -890 -160 88 Glenn Ceissman 1 35 -1300 -570
19 Curt Moy 28 805 -530 200 54 Billy Gatt 22 440 -895 -165 89 Terry Wynn 1 30 -1305 -575
19 Steve Cornford 28 805 -530 200 55 Bruce Ryan 15 425 -910 -180 90 Wayne Fagerlund 2 25 -1310 -580
21 Ross Elletson 21 785 -550 180 55 Bruce Allen 21 425 -910 -180 91 Lloyd Pigram 2 10 -1325 -595
22 John Peters 16 770 -565 165 57 Wayne Magill 19 400 -935 -205 91 Peter Barton 2 10 -1325 -595
23 Chris Pender 26 765 -570 160 58 John Van Diejen 4 380 -955 -225 93 John Bruton 1 5 -1330 -600
24 Nick Themsen 10 750 -585 145 59 Alex Leach 11 355 -980 -250 93 Kevin McCauley 1 5 -1330 -600
24 Brian Stapylton 27 750 -585 145 60 Robert Cannon 15 340 -995 -265 93 Garry Ganderton 1 5 -1330 -600
26 Michael Gall 21 745 -590 140 61 Ray Wolfenden 10 320 -1015 -285 93 Warren Latham 1 5 -1330 -600
27 Garry Dwyer 23 725 -610 120 62 Philip Smith 19 315 -1020 -290 93 Garth Perkins 1 5 -1330 -600
28 Stuart Dossetor 20 715 -620 110 63 Drago Stih 4 310 -1025 -295
29 John Black 26 710 -625 105 64 Michael Hasler 16 300 -1035 -305
30 Kel Turner 16 700 -635 95 65 Fred Curbishley 17 295 -1040 -310
31 Ross Ayton 17 665 -670 60 66 Grant Sinclair 24 260 -1075 -345
31 Richie Lydon 29 665 -670 60 67 Robert Pitt 9 245 -1090 -360
33 Chris Hoffman 24 655 -680 50 68 Dick Ponsonby 10 235 -1100 -370
34 Dennis Reid 29 630 -705 25 69 Steve Hayes 2 205 -1130 -400
35 Brian Malvern 26 605 -730 0 69 Gary Lanham 23 205 -1130 -400
Points for 12-Jun Points Leaderboard as at 12-Jun-19
Veterans Golf – 2018/19 Race to October
All other players
returning a completed
scorecard earned 5


This round was the Monthly Medal postponed from last weekand also a friendly against Shoalhaven Heads. Nick Themson won The Mug on a countback from Colin Brigstock. Other winners were A Grade Colin Brigstock, B Grade Brian Stayplton C Grade Tony Edmonds. There were 72 players who enjoyed the day in perfect conditions. In the friendly, Worrigee came out in front 376 points to 334 points. We hope this will be enough for the return leg later in the year.

The sheets are on the board for Mollymook and Shoalhaven Heads.

Mugs Away