Ex-Servo’s Social Golf at Calderwood 28 August 2016

Winner:Paul Kay38 Points
First Runner UpMark McClellan38 Points
Second Runner Up:Linda Trusler37 Points
Best of the Rest Front 9:Michael Pearce19 Points
Best of the Rest Back 9:Todd Richter18 Points
NTP Shortest:4thTodd Richter
NTP:6thMark McClellan
NTP:8thMark McClellan
NTP:13thPaul Kay
Birdie’s Nest:Nil.
Ladies Longest Drive:Linda Trusler
Men’s Longest Drive A Grade:John Van Diejen
Men’s Longest Drive B Grade:Todd Richter
Ladies Drive and Pitch:Linda Trusler
Men’s Drive and Pitch:John Van Diejen
Handicap Breakers:Rick Marshall
Presidents V’s Captains Challenge was won by the Presidents Team: 240 points to 222 points.