Johnston procter SurveyorsSingle Stableford Sat 26th December

Too much xmas Pudding could have been the cause of our small field this week but for those that did front up conditions were good and Ken Smith seemed to not only relish his Xmas dinner he also made a meal of the course posting 43 pts to record the best score of the day.Next best on 41 pts were “Banga “Bainbrigge,”Old” Ken Cole and the in form Chris Oliver.Our popular “Chancellor of the Exchequer” RobLidsey[E.S.L.S.] had a solid 40 pts to take out C grade from”Doodly Doo Doodly Da” Billy Gatt.

Good to see Brad Menhennett back on the course after his recent illness.

Chris Hoffman after his brilliant display the last few months now seems to be struggling and is being belted by his son Grant every week.But he’ll be back cant keep a good man down!!!

The first month of the Summer-Autumn consistency award has now been completed and its no surprise that Peter Hamilton is out in front by 55 pts from 2nd placed Brian Stapleton in 3rd spot is Sonny Timbery followed by Jarrod Edwards and Glenn Ceissman tied for 4th.One Lady is in the top 10 that being Alona Brown.Well done Alona although Kirk is 13 pts in front of you.That should be no problem for her to pick up those pts with her power game!!Just ask the poor old chap that felt the full brunt of her T shot a couple of weeks ago.Poor old chap still cant walk properly.

A Grade 1st Greg Bainbrigge R/u John Peters 3rd Peter Hamilton

B Grade  1st Ken Smith R/U Ken Cole 3rd Chris Oliver

C Grade 1st Rob Lidsey R/U Billy Gatt 3rd George Jurotte.

Sorry do not have specialty results.Also would like to appoligise for the stuff up on Saturday with the type of Event.

More thought will have to be put into the Monday Public Holiday Event as the course was set up incorrectly and the 23 players that played were greatly disadvantaged due to the incorrect slope rating.This will be addressed at the next committee meeting in January.

The Stranger