KTS Mechanical Maitenance & Cleaning Services Single Stableford 13/6/2015

Perfect conditions for Golf and 77 starters none better than Warren Smart who posted a Handy 43 pts and easily the best on the day.Good to see John Peters and Billy Gatt in the prize money again and Bernie Schipp proved age is no barrier to take home the C grade with a tidy 40 pts.

A Grade  John Peters  41 pts  R/U Garry DeBanke  40pts  3rd  Mick Liddy 40pts

B Grade  Warren Smart  43 pts  R/U Vince Morris  39 pts  3rd James Rigney.39pts

C Grade   Bernie Schipp  40pts  R/U Billy Gatt  40pts  3rd  Dick Ponsonby  37 pts

Ladies Winner   Dot Burton 35 pts

Drive and Pitch  A  Grade Cam Fraser 900cms B Grade Daniel Struber 210cms C Grade Rob Missingham 145cms

Nearest to Pin 6th Golden Shot  James Rigney  245cms  8thJames Rigney 80cms 14th Mick Liddy 320cms

Ball run down to 37 Pts

Last week I mentioned abuse on the course and if problems are encounted correct procedure should take place.It appears that I may have jumped the gun although I didn’t mention names.I must apoligise for this and if I’ve offended any one I’m sorry.I have also deleted the coments from the site.

One of our members had his first Birdie of his short Golf career on the par 4 third hole on Saturday and was so overcome with emotion that he celebrated much to the delight of his playing partners by doing”Turtle Rolls”.However being quite a large turtle when it was time to get him back upright they were having great difficulty and it looked for a while that a crane might have been required.Never mind Marty you were in good company and hope to hear about many more “Rolls”in the near future.

Don’t forget the Foursomes Championships on the 27th of this month 36 holes Shotgun start 8-00am.

The Stranger