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Each Wednesday at 1:00 pm Social Jackpot Bowls
Each Saturday at 1:00 pm Championship & Social Bowls

Club Triples Championship - Final - Sat 5th July
Major/Minor Pairs Championship - Commence - Sat 12th July

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Current Club Committee

President...Eddie Lee
Vice Presidents...Tim McCormack & Peter Smith
Secretary...Ian Abberley
Treasurer...Dave Solomon
Bowls Secretary...Garnet Eastment
Assistant Bowls Secretary...Steve Hollington

Committee...Gary Trautsch, Steve Hollington, John Newbold

The Selection Committee...Garnet Eastment, Gary Trautsch, Graham Hulbert & John Black

Below:- Eddie Lee - President (2014)

Reigning Champion Bowlers

Major Singles (2014)

Champion: Tomas Giddings
Runner-up: Tim McCormack

Major Pairs (2014)

Champions: Harry Griffiths - Gary Thurston
Runners-up: John O'Dell - Peter Smith

Club Triples (2014)


Club Fours (2014)

Champions: John Newbold - Tim McCormack - Kel Turner & Eddie Lee
Runners-up: Pat Ward - Niel Miller - Jim Green & Bruce "Dooley" Gould

Major/Minor Pairs (2014)


Minor Singles (2013)

Champion: Ian Abberley
Runner-up: Mick Fernie

Minor Pairs (2013)

Champions: Alec Lattanzio - Peter Smith
Runners-up: Tim McCormack - Kel Turner

Life Members

The Committee acknowledges and thanks all life members for their highly valued and respected contributions to our proud club.

George MacMillan
John Rodgers (deceased)
Wally Ludlow (deceased)
Kevin Duffey
Gordon King
Jim Baker (deceased)
John Braiden (deceased)
Cec Laurie (deceased)

Week ending Sunday 13th July 2014

A sunny Saturday morning with a moderate breeze had all excited to get the 2014 Major-Minor Pairs Championship underway, like clockwork as the games commenced the forecast weather front began to close in as the icy westerly wind increased. In spite of the cool conditions, all competitors gave their staunch best in their battle with the wind and their opponent alike. A
handful of social bowlers enjoyed a friendly roll and provided moral support. Thankfully all games had concluded and all players had retreated to the clubhouse, prior to the icy rain which swept across the green. Results of all completed round one matches;

Game 1 – R Solway & G Tearle versus I Abberley & E Lee. Team Lee began well, however this was a closer match than expected, with Team Tearle rallying and managing to get their nose in front briefly before Team Lee composed, going on to win 24-22.

Game 2 – S Hollington & J Edwards versus G Thurston & P Smith. This was a great game to watch, with the score even, or either side within a shot for the majority of the match. At the 18th end it was Team Edwards who prevailed through securing the crucial final few ends. With the
final score no indication of the tight contest, Team Edwards victorious 26-12

Game 3 – M Stevens & G Hulbert versus B Walsh & B Gould. What promised as an exciting matchup on paper, unfortunately did not eventuate. Team Gould adapted to the conditions first, opening an early five shot lead before Team Hulbert troubled the scorecard. Despite all their efforts it was just not Team Hulbert’s day, restricted to just 4 ends in the conditions and with Team Gould too consistent to reign in. Team Gould secured a comfortable 29-8 win.

Game 4 – J Newbold & G Trautsch versus M Fernie & N Miller. After a fairly even start this game was looking to be a good battle worthy of a grandstand finish. However, it was Team Miller conceding a juicy 5 shots to Team Trautsch on the 12th end proved to be the turning point. Team Trautsch taking charge, going on to win 27-10.

Game 5 – D Goodger & B Madge versus T Wright (( T Smith. It was Team Smith’s jump out of the starting blocks which proved decisive in this tightly contested encounter. From the 6th end there was never more than 2 shots difference on the scoreboard. Despite levelling it up at
11shots apiece on the 13th, Team Madge could not find a way to the lead. Ahead a single shot going into the final end Team Smith displayed nerves of steel and in a nail biting finish held on to win 19-17.

At the completion of play and after seeking refuge from the wind and rain, Saturday prize winners were announced as))

1st S Hollington & J Edwards

2nd B Walsh & ‘Dooley’

3rd J Newbold & G Trautsch

A remarkably warm Wednesday afternoon considering the recent spate of weather, had a healthy 32 social bowlers enjoying a roll-up on the greens. Following games, prize winners were drawn as follows:

1st S Hollington & J Edwards

2nd B Watson, M Rosina & I Abberley

3rd T Wright, N Miller & A Lattanzio

Rink 3 had an opportunity to take away the $150 Jackpot on offer with Angelo Lattanzio taking a turn on the wheel. Despite parochial encouragement from the crowd urging him on, Angelo was not successful in snaring the prize. Better luck next time Angelo. Next week, the Jackpot increases to $170.

On the Notice Boards

2014 Club Major/Minor Pairs Championship – Draw, Round 2 on/by 19th July 2014.

Scheduled Bowls this coming week

Wednesday 16th July, Jackpot Social at 1:00pm

Saturday 19th July, Championship & Social at 1:00pm



Ex-Servo's Win Grade 4 Pennant

Congratulation to our Grade 4 Pennant Side on a successful season, winning the South Coast District Grade 4 Pennant.

Ex-Servo's Win Grade 6 Pennant

Congratulation to our Grade 6 Pennant Side after a remarkable season finishing on top of the Grade 6A division.

The side continued their good form to claim the South Coast District Grade 6 Pennant by defeating St Georges Basin (6B) in the play-off held at Huskisson.


Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemens Ladies Grade 4 Pennant Side, take the title

A hearty congratulation to our Ladies Grade 4 Pennant Teams on their decisive victory over local rivals Nowra. It was a great achievement by the ladies in reaching the final and to be crowned District Champions is feat to be very proud of. Details of the final held Tuesday 15th April at Bomaderry Bowling Club are;

Sylvia Burke, Thelma MacDougal, Norma Yee & Isabel McLeod – Won 28-13
Aurelia Lattanzio, Sue Rose, Pat Leach & Elva Dinnie –Won 26-14

By taking out the District title the ladies have secured themselves a place in the NSW Pennants to be held at Raymond Terrace later this year (August).

Well done ladies a fantastic effort and another great achievement for the Shoalhaven ExServicemens Club.

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