Monday 11th May

Monday 11th May saw us host Shell Cove vets for the 1st of our biannual friendlies.

The weather was very unkind as we had to endure strong gusting wind which impacted badly on everyones game however it was better than being home mowing lawns.

After the final count we had defeated The Cove by 30 points which we will defend when  the return game is held up there.

The winner on the day was Bruce Allen on 37points.

Runner up was Ed Meares 0n 35 and third was Italo Baraldi from the Shell Cove team.

Ntp on 6th Fred Curbishley with 71cm. on the 8th was Mick Liddy with 800cm.

D&C on 4th Division 1 was Phil Nicolaides with 150 cm.

Div 2 was Chris Hoffman with 1450 cm. On the 15th.

Div 1 was Cameron Fraser with 70 cm

Div 2 was Bruce Allen with 660 cm. Balls to 28 points.