Monthly Mug, Stroke + Putting competition.

Sponsored by:  Wray Owen.

Winner Doug Reid net 70,Second place Phil Rimmer Net 71 c/b

Third place winner David Clark also with a net 71

Nearest/Pins: 6th Mike Liddy 651 cms,8th Mike Liddy 555 cms.

Drive/Pitch:Div-1:4th Brian Herring 1100 cms,Div-2 Grant Sinclair 429 cms.

15th Div-1:  Bob Sutherland 248 cms,Div-2 Bruce Allen 285 cms.

Putting competition winner : John Peters with 28 putts c/b.

Mug Winners:Div-1: John Peters,Div-2 Phil Rimmer.

ball count went down to 79 net c/b.

Pic’s below(L-R) David Clark,Doug Reid,Phil Rimmer