President’s Report – 2018

This year’s drought certainly has, on one hand, made golf days missed by rain few and far between but the winds, oh boy, they were terrible. A big thank you to Tony and his greens staff for keeping our course in such good condition with their limited water supply.

Thanks to Rob, Greg and the pro-shop staff for their help and support throughout the year.

To this year’s committee, a big thank you and congratulations on a job well done. We ran like a well-oiled machine making our club successful and welcoming.

Many thanks to Cath Pank, our wonderful secretary, who helped us keep so well informed and up to date.

I am having trouble finding the words that express my feelings towards the lady members past and present of this club. The last twelve years have been filled with love, laughter, enjoyment and the occasional sorrow. What a great time.

Good luck to all members, I hope the golfing gods are good to you. May next year and all the following ones be as happy and successful as this.

Thank you one and all,

Alice Harrison