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Promotion Winners

The winners of the Sports Club Mid Year Bonus Draw 2017 are;

1st #7715 Daniel Blacka

2nd #8690 James Reardon

3rd #6860 John Balazic


The winners of the Main Club Mid Year Bonus Draw 2017 are;

1st #631 Ray Solway

2nd #4269 Hannah Spontak

3rd #4218 Doreen Manning





Mid Year Draw Winners Main Club Friday 29th July 2016

1st Prize $2500 #198 Brian Gould

2nd Prize $1500 # 1662 Bruce Gould

3rd Prize $1000 #3275 Ron Markham


Mid Year Draw Winners Sports Club Sunday 31st July 2016

1st Prize $2500 # 4068 Joycelyn Sulz

2nd Prize $1500 #5311 Rebecca Bryson

3rd Prize $1000 # 3649 John Balazic


Christmas Bonus Draw Main Club Friday 16th December 2016

1st prize $5000 Trish Whykes #3678

2nd Prize $500 Steve Wall #2065

3rd Prize $250 Bev Williams #6227

4th Prize $250 Lyn Moffit #3351

5th Prize $250 Garth Perkins #261

6th Prize $250 Cathy Green #3515

Christmas Bonus Draw Sports Club Sunday 18th December 2016

1st Prize $5000 Geoffrey Lee #3171

2nd Prize $500 Vincent Evans #2971

3rd Prize $250 Julie Simpkin #1539

4th Prize $250 Mark Wensley #4104

5th Prize $250 Yvonne Ikin #114

6th Prize $250 Yvonne Ikin  #68






ClubGRANTS Scheme


Giving back to the community is in every local club’s DNA – it’s the reason why clubs exist and it’s something they’re extremely passionate about.

Each year through ClubGRANTS, clubs across NSW provide support to tens of thousands of local community organisations, sporting groups, and charities that make a difference in their local area. With more than $1 billion in funding provided since the program’s inception, including a record $100 million in 2014, ClubGRANTS is without doubt one of the largest and most effective grants programs in Australia.

Shoalhaven Ex-servicemen’s Club supports ClubGRANTS.

ClubGRANTS Approved 2016