Saturday 17/1/2015 Shoalhaven patios Single Stoke

80 starters jumped the gun on a perfect day for golf although it did get a bit windy for the late starters.The day belonged to B grader Glenn Ceissman with a great 79 off the stick net 64 to post the best score of the day.Did’nt look to good early though with a 6 on the par 3 second and in the words of”Boy and Bear”it could of been one of those days.A good recovery and well played.

A grade was pretty tight with the top 3 place getters all decided on a count back.”Punter” Stevenson prevailed for first place with a 75/71 to beat playing partner Rod Owen and the ever reliable Cameron Fraser in third spot.

B grade !st place Glenn Ceissman 79/64
2nd place John Green 83/68
3rd place Steve Mitchell 87/70

C Grade 1st place Daniel Struber 85/64
2nd place Bernie Schipp 90/66
3rd place Ian Cockburn 87/68

I don’t think Daniel will be in C grade for too long after 85 0ff the stick that included a birdie on the difficult 5th and also on the par 5 last

Drive and Pitch A grade Lloyd Pigram
B Grade Mick Liddy
C grade Not Won

Nearest the Pin 8th Les Cuka

14th Paul Harris

This week was the start of the “Golden.Shot”it was on the 6th and Clarrie Raymer collected $61 for his effort.

balls to 71

Hard luck stories of the day,our “Fearless Leader”would have had a good round except his curse on the 5th looks like it has returned again his plating partners were extremely upset in view of what his dog has to look forward too!!!!

Ben Bassett was going nicely until an 8 on the par 3 12th.Not this week Ben.

Poor old Larry double parred the 8th,whilst Doug Reid’s day was over after a 54 going out but flashed home with a 41.The same could be said for Tristan Balazic out in 52 came home in 1 over 36 for the back 9.

Move over Mr Spender there’s a new kid on the block.Tony Edmunds take a bow!!!Xmas presents galore.What a transformation!! Who could have believed???Yes it was him.Good to see Tony although your playing partner was a little overwhelmed half expected you to jump out and into the pond on the way around in search of flies.Keep it up Tony what will we expect next week.

Shoalhaven Shield team for Callala on the Sunday 1st February is:

Brad Menhennett Ricky May Jason Thompson Bob Bowden
Rob Ray Steve Mauger Rob Walker Ken Cole .

Tee Time 8-30.Players be there by 8-00am

thank you
The Stranger.