Saturday 22/11/14 Booth & Partners Single Medley Stableford.

Numbers were down slightly probably due to the previous nights Vets Presentation.67 starters faced off in perfect conditions and over all scores were pretty good.The usual excuses were aired on the balcony after the game one very disappointed person who shall remain nameless beaten on a count back for first in his division tried to embaress one of our very senior players by bringing in a set of scales for a weigh in after a long debate about their not so flattering bodies.Nobody could believe the result the scales were so old definetly not purchased this century.After the weigh in he immediately left the scene with his scales under his arm.The crowd immediately sensed a “sting”the mood swung to anger and it was only by the intervention of the” most loved” senior person that a very unsavoury scene was avoided in the car park probably to take place in the vicinity of the large tree. Stay tuned more to come!!!
Winners on the Day as Follows:

A grade Damien Flanagan 40 pts
A Grade R/U Phil Viret 39 pts c/b
A Grade 3rd Lloyd Pigram 39 pts
B Grade “Bubba”Fulthorpe 41 c/b
B Grade R/U Ken Bailey 41Pts
B Grade 3rd Glenn Ceissman 40 pts
C Grade Bob Sutherland 43 Pts
C grade R/U Jorden Green 42 pts
C Grade 3rd Dot Burton 41 pts

Drive and Pitch A Grade 9th Kev Patterson 660cms
Drive and Pitch B Grade 9th Todd Slaughter 493cms
Drive and Pitch C Grade 15th Daniel Struber 343 cms
Nearest the Pins 6th Luke Stevenson 320 cms
Nearest the Pin 14th Ken Bailey 633cms
Ball run down to 37 pts.
Good to see Damien back in form and also big Bob.
Next weeks Event South Coast Security Single Stableford.
The Stranger[Not so dark]