Solomon Motors Ham Day Single Stableford

20151003_074721With the expectation of Ham on the Xmas Menu all 86 starters took to the course on a great day for Golf but alas there were to be only 10 winners of the succulent 1/2 Hams provided by the East Nowra Butchery.Of these 10 hams 6 were won by C graders and 4 were won by B Graders.Sorry A Graders a bit hard to win in stableford Events however there were 43 C Graders compared to only 15 A Graders in the Event so you would presume that the C Graders would win at least 50% of the Hams but they went one better.The committee will look into this next year.

Top 10 as follows

Ken Cole 44/14

Grant Hoffman43/22

Doug Nelson42/25

Allan Chapman 42/25

Jim McGrath 42/23

Tom McMaster 41/28

Kirk Brown 41/14

Stephen Holden 41/20

Tristan Balazic 41/14

Bruce Ryan 41/17

Vouchers are in the pro shop to be cashed in at the East Nowra Butchers.

There were 20 1/4 Hams drawn out of the hat I do not have this list but check with the pro shop to see if you have won.

The $75 voucher draw for November was won by Warren Smart.

Thought for the week.Golf experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.

The Stranger