Summer-Autumn Consistency Award

This will be the last time we show leaders for the above.There is only 4 weeks to go and the winner will not be known until presentation night.It is a bit of a battle with the top 3 and Bob Sutherland not far away in 4th spot.Please find listed below players still in the running.

Brian Stapleton  697pts

Ben Bassett   667 pts

Clarrie Raymer  654pts

Bob Sutherland  612 pts

Jorden Green  590 pts

Rod Owen  582 pts

John Peters  580 pts

Brad Menhennett  575 pts

Kirk Brown  566 pts

Glenn Ceissman  551 pts

Dick Ponsonby  548 pts

Bob Bowden  543 pts

Lioyd Pigram  533 pts

Steve Kohler  527 pts

Brian Herring 524 pts

Alan Brewer  511 pts

Gary Ganderton  507 pts

Jim McGrath  506pts.