Vet’s single stableford

Sponsored by : East Nowra Bakery

58 players competed in this event.

The winner with 45 net points was Les Cuka.

Second place went to Don Forster with 42 net points

Third place winner was Allan Steeden with 41 net points.

Nearest/Pins: Hole 6 won by Tom Mac Master 142 cms. Hole 8 was won by Bernie Schipp 247 cms.

Drive / Pitch:Hole 4:Div-1.winner was Greg Fulthorpe 195 cms, Div-2: went to Tom Mac Master 219 cms.

Hole 15:  Div-1 won by Les Cuka 15 cms, Div-2: winner was Grant Sinclair 127 cms.

Ball Count went down to 35 net points.


Winners: (L/R)  Les Cuka /Don Forster /Allan Steeden