Women’s Golf end or year Report – 2015

Welcome to the 2015 AGM. I also wish to welcome our new members – Aoauli Carrett, Penny Conlon, Lyn Loveday, Jan Murdoch, Sandra Marshall, and returning after a break away from golf, Robyn Bailey.
This year saw the Championships reduced to 27 holes after the course was flooded and then, when reopened, we were hit with gale-force winds, which forced golf to be called off after 9 holes. This was the first time since the course was opened that we have had to reduce the Championships.
The Club Champion for 2015 is new member, Aoauli Carrett, with Sandra Mitchell becoming the Nett Champion.
‘A’ Grade Gross Winner – Aoauli Carrett
‘A’ Grade Gross R/U – Pat Collier
‘A’ Grade Nett Winner – Penny Conlon
‘A’ Grade Nett R/U – Sue Earle
‘B’ Grade Gross Winner – Lyn Loveday
‘B’ Grade Gross R/U – Liz Sikora
‘B’ Grade Nett Winner – Alice Harrison
‘B’ Grade Nett R/U – Denise Johnson
‘C’ Grade Gross Winner – Linda Innes
‘C’ Grade Gross R/U – Cheryl Bargwanna
‘C’ Grade Nett Winner – Sandra Mitchell
‘C’ Grade Nett R/U – Jan Perkins
The Foursomes Championships were played without any dramas and the successful teams this year were:
Gross Winners – Pat Leach and Sue Earle
Gross R/U – Liz Sikora and Penny Conlon
Nett Winners – Lyn Loveday and Sandra Mitchell
Nett R/U – Denise Johnson and Linda Innes
Congratulations go to all worthy winners.
To Sandra, my reliable Vice Captain, who organised the Pennant and Round Robin teams, a huge “thank you”. Our Pennant team had its best year ever, finishing 9th out of 14 teams. Congratulations ladies, on a fabulous result for our very small club. Thank
you to all that played and to Sandra and Cath, who also did the behind-the-scenes work that ensured we arrived at the right places at the right times. It sometimes is a fine juggling job.
Round Robin competition is still ‘a work in progress’, with some good days and some not so good. We always aim to improve and all the girls are working hard to get there.
I extend our thanks to Rob, Pete and the grounds staff, without you we would not have the fantastic course that we play on each week, nor would we have been able to get back on the course so soon after the devastating rains this year.
My personal, biggest, ‘Thank You’ goes to Cath Pank – without your knowledge and skills I definitely would not have been able to do my job. As Cath knows, I still do the majority of my Captain’s paperwork in handwritten form and she then converts it appropriately and forwards it to the necessary respective people.
As this will be my last official duty as Captain, I would like to say it has been a pleasure and an honour to be the Captain of such a fabulous Club over the past 6 years. You are an outstanding group of ladies and you all deserve a medal for putting your faith and trust in me.
To Denise, who will now be running for the post of Captain and, at the end of this AGM, I have faith in the belief that she will be successful, I pass on the knowledge that it will be an amazing experience that brings great self-learning with it, and I believe that you will love it.
See you all on the course and may all you shots be brilliant ones.
Alice Harrison