Wray Owen Monthly Medal January 2016

Columbus went around in 1492 ,not bad when you consider the size of the course,Marty Douglas alias”The Striker”went around in 56 nett,excellent for someone that has not been playing that long and left 111 players in his wake.Well done “Striker”and he’s modest with it not one bit of emotion I’m sure he’ll take it in his stride and we won’t n hear another thing about it!!I have been wrong in the past!!

61 players played to their handicap or better you had to have 64 nett to win a ball!!Tough school!!

Cam Fraser shot the best round of the day a 1 under par off the stick and Steve Kohler probably had his best round ever with a 73 off the stick on a 13 cap.Good stuff!!Other worthy mentions were Mark Speechley 72 off the stick and Dave hedger 74.Best of the visitors was a fine 71 by Blake Nielsen from Shelly Beach.

A regular husband and wife team has left the husband shattered he just on the fringe of A Grade was beaten off the stick by his wife quite easily by 3 shots and will no doubt like to leave golf alone this week,but I don’t think knowing the Lady that she will allow the week to pass in the manner the poor chap would appreciate.Never mind Kirk 7 days is not a long time,but then again!!

A  Grade  Mark Speechley  72/60 R/U Dave Hedger 74/62  3rd  Chris Black 75/65

B  Grade  Steve Kohler  73/60 R/U Doug Reid 79/62 3rd Sean Egan 75/62

C  Grade  Marty Douglas  89/56  R/U Warren Latham  87/60 3rd Gary Ganderton 85/64

Scratch Winners  A Grade Cam Fraser 69 B Grade Steve Kohler 73 C Grade Garry Ganderton 85

Drive and Pitch A Grade Mark Hennessy 275cms B Grade Steve Mauger 278cms C Grade Peter Hellwig 110cms

Long Drive  A Grade Damien Flanagan B Grade Daniel Struber C Grade Peter Hellwig

Nearest to Pin 8th John Van Diejen 294cms 14th Cam Fraser 190cms

Golden Shot  George Kulscar $75 93cms

Ball Comp to 64.

Thank you to Rob Ray for the BBQ and to Mick Quinn for helping out.

The Monthly $75 Draw this week goes to John Van Diejen.Voucher to be collected from Pro Shop.

Good to hear our ex vice Captain Larry is recovering well, when he gets back he should be known as “Bionic Beal”and also spare a thought for his wife Lee who has had to put up with him during his recovering periods.

Next week Culburra Kitchens and Bathrooms Single Stableford Event.Dont forget Mick is an active member so if you need something in the Kitchen or Bathroom you cant do any better!!

Photo “THE Striker” with his Team.On the left his manager then the Striker,Physio,and Caddie.

The Stranger.