Wray Owen Monthly Medal July 2015

A small field of 74 starters took to the course in cold conditions but improved as the day progressed.Talk about scoop the pool that is exactly what Mark Speechley did ,besides winning A Grade he also took out the Medal and the Mug together with Golden Shot on the 8th and drive and pitch on the 9th.Just beaten on a countback for the best scratch score by “Sachmo”both with 76’s.Well done Mark enjoy while you can.Talking about “Sachmo”how good did he look he’s going to wear that at the “Open” the real one overseas so keep an eye out for him he’s sure to be featured on TV.Have a great trip Jim!!!

A   Grade Winner Mark Speechley  76/64 R/u John Peters  80/69  Third Jim Sach  76/69

b  Grade  Winner  John Van Diejen  84/70  R/U  Mark Cockburn 87/71  Third  Ian Cockburn 89/72

C  Grade  Winner  Blake Tomlin  97/69  R/U Dennis Rutherford  94/70  Third Chris Hoffman 93/72

Drive and Pitch  A Grade  Mark Speechley  B Grade  Greg Pile  C Grade  Terry Wynn

Long Drive  A Grade Andrew Kohler  B Grade Steve Mauger  C Grade  Sonny Timbery

Nearest to Pin  6th Tom McMaster  14th  George Kulcsar

Golden Shot  Mark Speechley

Scratch Winners  A Grade Jim Sach  B Grade  Ian Cockburn C Grade Dennis reid

Ball Run Down to 73 or better.20150606_103659_1“The Browns”with Ben Bassett and Paul Harris at a recent outing.Lookin good Kirk!!