Wray Owen Monthly Medal June 2016

Windy conditions made scoring difficult only 1 player managed to break his handicap.Well done Ashley Hoogwerf 4 strokes clear of the field with a well compiled 89/66.

Played with the A Grade winner Jim Sach had the best scratch score of the day 77 including 4 birdies.Well done “Sachmo”.

There were 8 NCR’S 4 of them in A Grade,toughen up boys that amounted to 20% of the A Graders,who said C Graders don’t have more fun!!!.

A Grade Jim Sach 77/7o R/U Clarrie Raymer 78/71 3rd Andrew Kohler 82/72

B  Grade Drago Stih 87/71 R/U Rob Ray 85/72  3rd Terry Wynn 90/72

C Grade Ashley Hoogwerf 89/66 R/U Dennis Rutherford 92/70 John Bruton 98/74

A Grade Scratch Jim Sach 77 B Grade  Rob Ray 85 C Grade Ashley Hoogwerf  89

Drive and Pitch A Grade Brett Bishop B Grade Brian Stapylton C Grade Garry Ganderton

Nearest To Pin  6th Clint Kennedy 8th Robert Walker 14 th Kev Pattison

Long Drive A Grade Paul Harris B Grade Chris Pender [massive]C Grade Nathan Preston.

The Monthly $75 Draw was one by that Champion All rounder Tristan Balazic.

Next week Booth and Partner Single Stableford.

The Stranger