Wray Owen Monthly Mug February 1st 2015

A disappointing field of 75 starters hit off in perfect Golf conditions,hardly a fly to be seen and good scores the order of the day.The course in the best condition ever.

“Quick Draw Mc Graw”had nothing on the Monthly Mug winner not even “Billy The Kid”or Wyart Earp”would be quicker.No sooner had correct weight been notified ,when he presented the monthly mug in about 30 seconds to “Scout”Pender to be filled,and I would think a long afternoon in the making for Ben Bassett who shot a fine 78/65 to be this months winner on a count back.Luckily the Stranger had left the building before he was caught however a month is a long time.

A Grade Winner $30 Voucher Clarrie Raymer 77/66

A Grade R/U $20 Voucher Andrew Kohler 79/67

A Grade 3rd $10 Voucher Col Cattell 78/68

B Grade Winner $30 Voucher Ben Bassett 78/65

B Grade R/U $20 Voucher Lindsay Beal 84/66

B Grade 3rd $10 Voucher Errol Raddz 86/69

C Grade Winner $30 Voucher Bob Carter 93/65

C Grade R/U $20 Voucher Ray Wolfenden 89/65

C Grade 3rd $10 Voucher Paul Anderson 94/69

Drive and Pitch A Grade Paul Harris 9th

B Grade Martin Hewitt 4th

C Grade Rob Lidsey

Long Drive A Grade Cam Fraser

B Grade Bob Walsh {Massive}

C Grade Dennis Rutherford

Nearest to pin 6th Mark Speechley

8th Vince Morris

Golden Shot 14th Troy Monnie

Ladies Winner Dot Burton 99/77

Ball Run Down 70 or better

Spare a thought for Mark Speechly who stiffed one to 84 cms on the 6th thought he’d won the Golden Shot only to be told that this week it was on the14th.Bad luck Mark 2 balls are a small consolation.

Old father time catches up quickly{just look at the writer} one of our Saturday regulars was inquiring about the age for the vets.Welcome Alan Liebert go shake hands with “Alfie”.

Greg Pile had been having his way with the Course lately however 7 shots seems to have pulled him up for the time being 91/76 on Saturday.

Its name and shame time this week the “Bradmans” goes to Tony Edmunds also worth a mention Pat Collier with 2 nines on her card.

The Whitehorse Cup is leading their Division after 2 rounds thanks to Captain Kirk
all Teams other than us were disqualified in the first round due to playing off incorrect Handicaps.Kirk who took the time to read the rules properly has now placed his Team in a good position to make the semis.Well done and good luck I hope I hav’nt done the early crow on the team.

Thanks to Rob Ray and Bob Bowden for giving up their time to do the BBQ on Saturday.
Richie and Larry enjoying the BBQ after golf .

The Stranger {Taller and Darker than ever}