15/5/2019 WLVG 2nd Round Club Championships


A Grade     Cam Fraser 66 net            B Grade     Richie Lydon 68 net          C     Grade Ken Stevenson 64 net

Runners Up

A Grade     Michael Liddy 67 net        B Grade    Brian Stapylton 69 net       C     Grade Garry Dwyer 67 net

Nearest The Pin

A Grade     Not Won  6th hole               Not Won             12th hole

B Grade     B Walsh   6th hole                B Stapylton       13th hole

C Grade     Not Won  6th hole               Ken Stevenson    17th hole

Drive and Pitch

A Grade    Brian Herring     4th hole       Phil Viret             9th hole

B Grade    R Ayton                4th hole       Alan Liebert       13th hole

C Grade    Vic Speechley     4th hole      George Jurotte   15th hole

It was the 2nd round of the Club Championships with another field of over 60. We had one visitor, Ian Nicholson, from Howlong.

The winners on the day were: A Grade Cam  with 66 and runner up Mick L with 67

B Grade Richie with 68 and runner up Brian S with 69

C Grade Ken S with a blistering 64 and runner up Garry D with 67

So, after the second round the leaders are   GROSS : A Grade Cam F 157, then Brian H 162, then Mick L 163

B Grade Dennis R 169, then Brian S 175, then Greg G 177

C Grade Garry D 184, then Ken S 187, then Chris H 193

         NET:    A Grade Alan S 137, next Mick L 143, then Colin B 144 and the others not far behind

B Grade Dennis R 133, then Greg G 141, then Brian S 143…..very close after that

C Grade Garry D 134, then Ken S 137, then Vic S 145

The last round in all grades will be very close.

Just a few notes: please make sure your card matches the computer BEFORE pressing SAVE. There were 3 cards that were not correctly entered last week which could prove to be costly for the individual.

: could we please repair the pitch marks around the edge of the greens as well.

The sheets are on the board for Sussex Inlet and the Highlands- we need more players!!

The correct results for the Telegraph will be in Saturday’s edition of the telegraph.

All the best next week to all players.

Mugs Away