Mens Golf Committee 2016

President             Greg Pank  0418201781  E:

Vice President    Bob Bowden 0434199858

Captain                Brian Dwyer 0432620178   E:

Vice Captain      Greg Bainbrigge  0409580786

Secretary          Lloyd

Treasurer.        Rob Lidsey.   0402488224

Publicity             Rob Nancarrow 44217430


Committee         Tony Edmunds      44233001E:twoas@bigpond,com

Ray Wolfenden     0408669820  E:rswolf@bigpond .com

Bob Walsh             0422219772




10th November Solomon Motors Single Stableford

By Mens Golf on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 in Mens Golf. No Comments.

With the course in great condition thanks to the recent rain and efforts of the green staff the scores are rising with 37 points needed just to win a ball. John Black has taken a liking to these conditions with  another round where he has had a stroke score under his age. Something most of us only dream of.

A Grade

Andrew Kohler (9). 42

Sean Egan (6). 39

Col Catrell (9). 39

Drive and Pitch 9th  Sean Egan

B Grade

John Black (13). 41

Matthew Davies (13). 40

Phil Nicolaides (13). 38

Drive and Pitch 4th Mick Martin

C Grade

Grant Morris (23). 45

Dennis Rutherford (25)  44

Paul Jorgensen (19)  41

Drive and Pitch 15th Zac Berry

Nearest the Pins

6th  Jimmy Sach

8th and golden shot Grant Morris

14th Roger Cutting

17th Culburra Kitchens eagle nest not won.

Next week event Nowra Emergency Plumbing Single Stableford.

With the greens improving after the recent coring it would be appreciated if you would repair your pitch marks. There are players each week who either don’t care or are too lazy to repair their own pitch marks. The green staff are doing a great job, a little thought and help will help them keep the greens in great condition.

Good Golfing

3rd November Wray Owen Monthly Medal

By Mens Golf on Wednesday, November 7th, 2018 in Mens Golf. No Comments.

Wray Owen Monthly Medal was played on saturday with 87 players taking part. The best score of the day belonged to Chris Hoffman with fine round of net 64. Best stroke round to Cameron Fraser with a fine 1 under 69.

A Grade

Scratch Cameron Fraser (3) 69

Net Cameron Fraser 66

David Hedger (9) 66

Carl Piper (11) 67

B Grade

scratch ever  consistant John Black (14) 83

Net Rob Lidsey (18) 68 must be his upcoming holiday that made him relaxed.

John Balck 69

Greg Pond (17) 69

C Grade

scratch Andrew Eagleton (19) 84

net Chris Hoffman (22) 64

Andrew Hoffman 65

Ben Pritchard (25) 70

Ball comp 70 or better.

Next week Solomon Motors Single Stableford.

Good Golfing.

27th October Sponsors Day

By Mens Golf on Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 in Mens Golf. No Comments.

The annual sponsors day Ambrose event was held on Saturday and it was good see a number of our sponsors play. I would to like thank all our sponsors for their continued support and welcome the new sponsors this year to the club.

There were 2 competitions run one for the sponsors and the other for members.


1st. Solomon Motors 53

2nd. Nowra City Holden 53.25

3rd. Inside Cars Upholstery 54.5

Bradman Award PB Smash 75

Nearest the Pins

8th R White

17th Solomon Motors ( not sure burglar hit the shot)

Longest Drive

1st Peter Hamilton

11th M Walker

Members comp

1st  Bella Rose Pond, Ray Dolman, Greg Pond 54.4

2nd  C Hinsley, T Boundy, B Dudgeon, R Oke 55

3rd Col Brigstock, K Semmler, S Weissell, P Jorgensen 55.3

Nearst the Pins

6th K Semmler

14th K Pattison

Longest Drive

1st B Dudgeon

11th Adrian Smith

Our presentation night is being held the 10th November. Can you please let Rob know in the pro shop if are attending by 3rd November and pay him the $10.00 surcharge. It will be a great night and for your $10.00 you will receive a 3 course meal and drinks.

Next week is the Wray Owen sponsored Monthly Medal with the Medal of Medals being played as well.

Good Golfing





20th October Culburra Kitchens & Bathrooms Single Stableford

By Mens Golf on Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 in Mens Golf. No Comments.

Saturday saw 81 players contest the Culburra Kitchens & Bathrooms single stableford that followed our AGM

It was disappointing that only 42 of these players managed to attend the AGM.

Brad Henderson and Steve Kohler have put their hands up and joined the committee and we thank you for doing this. We still have a vacant position, vice president, to fill. If anyone is interested please see any of the committee.

A question was asked at the AGM about the upcoming rule changes. There are posters near the notice board as well as in the pro shop with information. There are also new rules book in the pro shop. More information can be found on the following website

With the greens being cored last week it made for some interesting putts and hard luck stories. Vince Morris didn’t have too much trouble with the best score of the day , 46 points.

A Grade

Cameron Fraser (3) 42

Damien Mason (7) 41

Karl Semmler (8) 41

Drive and Pitch 10th Paul Harris

B Grade

Brian Stapylton (16)  37

Nathan Preston (14) 37

Steve Maugher (14) 36

Drive and Pitch 3rd Nathan Preston

C Grade

Vince Morris (22) 46

Chris Hoffman (22) 41

Bob Walsh (19) 39

Drive and Pitch 13th Tony Edmunds

Nearest the Pins

6th and golden shot Rod Carpenter

8th Nathan Preston

17th not won

Ball comp 37 or better.

Next week is our annual sponsors day with bacon and egg rolls for breakfast before a shot gun start at 8.30. Lunch wil be provided after.

Also a reminder that the presentation night is being held on the 10th November. This year it is being held on Saturday night. The cost will be $10.00 per person.

Good golfing

13th October Nowra Emergency Plumbing Single Stableford

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88 players teed off for the Nowra Emergency Plumbing single stableford with the threat of rain keeping some players away. They should have rung Alona Brown the new weather girl who turned up to play and kept the rain away.

The best score for the day belonged to Brett Bishop with another round of 4 under and 42 points. Brett is going through a purple patch and if his form continues he will be off scratch very soon.

B Grade went to the club secretary Rob Lidsey who held  his form after a near miss with a tiger snake on the 15th. Not sure who was the most scared. The snake got bigger the longer the day went on. Although Bob “Harry Butler” Walsh assured those in the club house that the small ones are more poisonous than big ones. This didn’t seem to matter to Rob.

A Grade

Brett Bishop (2) 42

Adrian Smith (12) 42

Murray Smith (10)  41

Drive and Pitch 9th Paul Harris

B Grade

Rob Lidsey (18) 40

Marc Storck (14) 40

Dennis Reid(18) 38

Drive and Pitch 4th Alan Barnes

C Grade

Paul Jorgensen (20) 41

Jason Thompson(21) 38

Bob Walsh (19) 37

Drive and Pitch 15th Grant Hoffman

Nearest the pins

6th and golden shot Kirk Brown

8th Brian Herring

14th Grant Hoffman

17th Culburra Kitchens eagle nest not won.

Ball comp 37 or better.

Next week is our AGM that starts at 8.00 am followed by a shot gun start around 8.30 sponsored by Culburra Kitchens and Bathrooms.

As mentioned earlier the snakes are out and about so take care.

Good Golfing

6th October Wray Owen Monthly Medal

By Mens Golf on Wednesday, October 10th, 2018 in Mens Golf. No Comments.

The threat of rain for the Wray Owen Monthly medal saw 83 players get through without getting wet.

Some faired better than others. Congratulations go to Geoff Rankin who managed to keep his score on the 7th to under 10, a big inprovement on score he had to write down during the club champinships. Also a spcial mention to Steve Mauger who managed to 4 put the 4th. I believe the last 3 from within a very small distance.

A great round from Brett Bishop with a 2 under round, 68. A shame it came 2 weeks late and not in the final round of the championships

Thanks Sharon and Lloyd for cooking the BBQ. To those who complained about no butter or margarine we were just looking after your health. Also those who we confused becaused we sliced the buns from the top not from the side, we had a number of players who thought it was good idea. Be careful next month they not be sliced at all.

A Grade

Carl Piper (12) 63

Chris Pender(12) 64

Brett Bishop (2) 66

Scratch Brett Bishop 68

Drive and Pitch 9th Clarrie Raymer

Longest Drive Paul Harris

B Grade

Adrian Smith (13) 67

Greg Pond (18) 67

George Kulcsar (14) 68

Drive and Pitch 4th George Kulcsar

Longest Drive Robert Oke

C Grade

Bruce Ryan (19) 69

Bruce Eddy (20) 70

Mark Anderson (19) 71

Drive and Pitch 15th Geoff Little

Longest Drive Geoff Little

Bal Comp 71 or better

Nearest the Pins

6th Rod Carpenter

8th and Golden Shot Kirk Brown

14th Sean Egan

17th Cullburra Kitchens eagle nest not won.

Next week Nowra Emergency Plumbing Single Stableford.

Good Golfing.

29th September D & Y Superfinish Single Stableford

By Mens Golf on Thursday, October 4th, 2018 in Mens Golf. No Comments.

With the completion of the club championships we returned to a stableford event on Saturday sponsored by D & Y Superfinish. This suited Bob Walsh, who some how got to C grade, with the best score of the day with 41 points. Graeme Banister’s good form continued with 38 points to win B Grade.

A Grade

Andrew Kohler (9) 38

Leigh Ardler (8)  37

Carl Piper (12) 37

Drive and Pitch 10 th Carl Piper

B Grade

Graeme Banister (15) 38

John Black (14) 38

Andrew Eagleton (18) 37

C Grade

Bob Walsh (19) 41

Jim Alder (21) 40

Les Chadwick (22) 40

Drive and Pitch 15th Steve Hutchison

Ball comp 36 or better

Nearest  the pins

6th and golden shot Greg Bainbrigge

8th Carl Piper

14th Andrew Kohler

17th Culburra Kitchens eagle nest not won.

Next week we return to a stroke round for the Wray Owen Monthly Medal.

Congratulation to Drago Stith and Chris Witt for winning the Cock of the Walk and Brian Staplyton for taking out the single match play.

Good Golfing.

Results Club championships 2018

By Mens Golf on Friday, September 28th, 2018 in Mens Golf. No Comments.

Club Champion A Grade Troy Monie  219

Runner Up.        A Grade Brett Bishop 220

Nett                     A Grade Clarrie Raymer 203

Nett R/U            A Grade Cam Fraser   214

B Grade Gross  Graeme Bannister  250

B grade R/U     Adrian Smith          256

Nett B Grade   Ian Mackie            212

Nett B Grade R/u Chris hinsley  214

C Grade Gross Dennis Reid       269

C Grade Gross R/U  Billy Gatt   278

C Grade Nett   Vic Speechley    212

C Grade Nett R/U Chris Hoffman  214.

Well done to all the Winners .!!!!

Good Golfing.

22nd September Southern Water Company stroke

By Mens Golf on Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 in Mens Golf. No Comments.

The final round of the club championships, sponsored by Southern Water Company, saw 93 players tee off on Saturday in good conditions for golf and the scores reflected this. Robert Oke with the best score of the day , 64 net, with Cameron Fraser parring the course for a net 67 that saw him only finish third.

A Grade

Shayne Ashton (12) 66

Michael Liddy (10) 67

Cameron Fraser  (3) 67

Drive and Pitch 9th Troy Monie

B Grade

Robert Oke (16) 64

John Black (16) 65

Martin Hewitt (15) 67

Drive and Pitch 4th John Black

C Grade

Les Berghofer (20) 65

Vic Speechley (27) 67

Paul Jorgensen (20) 69

Drive and Pitch 15th Paul Jorgensen

Ball comp 71 or better

Nearest the pins

6th Martin Hewitt

8th and golden shot Chris Pender

14th Adrian Smith

17th Culburra Kitchen sponsored eagle nest not won.

Next week back to a stableford event sponsored by D & Y Superfinish.

The AGM is to held on 20th October. If anyone is interested in joining the men’s committee the nomination sheet is up on the notice board.

Good golfing.


Results after 2nd Round Club Championships

By Mens Golf on Wednesday, September 19th, 2018 in Mens Golf. No Comments.

The second round has been completed of the club championship with the final round next week. The leading 4 in each grade will play together teeing off at 10.00am with C Grade followed by B Grade then A Grade at 10.16

Well done and good luck to following golfers for making the final seeding:

C Grade

Dennis Reid. 177

Billy Gatt. 180

Chris Lahene 184

Scott Weissel 187

B Grade

Graeme Bannister 165

Ben Lahene 168

Marc Storck 169

Adrian Smith 171

A Grade

Brett Bishop 141

Greg Bainbrigge 143

Troy Monie 144

Mick Edwards 149

Those interested in the net standings after 2 rounds

C Grade

Billy Gatt 134

Dennis Reid 138

Chris Hoffman 143

B Grade

Graeme Bannister 133

Brian Dwyer 139

Ian Gollop 141

A Grade

Clarie Raymer 131

Troy Monie 136

Brett Bishop 136

For those close enough to maybe sneak onto the leader good luck, for the rest better luck next year.

Good Golfing