President: Bob Walsh

V/President: Nev Catterall

Captain: Les Berghofer

V/Captain: Bruce Ryan

Secretary: Stu Dossetor

Treasurer: Wayne Magill

Publicity:Garry Dwyer

Committee Members: Don Forster

Richie Lydon

Alby Daly

15/5/2019 WLVG 2nd Round Club Championships

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A Grade     Cam Fraser 66 net            B Grade     Richie Lydon 68 net          C     Grade Ken Stevenson 64 net

Runners Up

A Grade     Michael Liddy 67 net        B Grade    Brian Stapylton 69 net       C     Grade Garry Dwyer 67 net

Nearest The Pin

A Grade     Not Won  6th hole               Not Won             12th hole

B Grade     B Walsh   6th hole                B Stapylton       13th hole

C Grade     Not Won  6th hole               Ken Stevenson    17th hole

Drive and Pitch

A Grade    Brian Herring     4th hole       Phil Viret             9th hole

B Grade    R Ayton                4th hole       Alan Liebert       13th hole

C Grade    Vic Speechley     4th hole      George Jurotte   15th hole

It was the 2nd round of the Club Championships with another field of over 60. We had one visitor, Ian Nicholson, from Howlong.

The winners on the day were: A Grade Cam  with 66 and runner up Mick L with 67

B Grade Richie with 68 and runner up Brian S with 69

C Grade Ken S with a blistering 64 and runner up Garry D with 67

So, after the second round the leaders are   GROSS : A Grade Cam F 157, then Brian H 162, then Mick L 163

B Grade Dennis R 169, then Brian S 175, then Greg G 177

C Grade Garry D 184, then Ken S 187, then Chris H 193

         NET:    A Grade Alan S 137, next Mick L 143, then Colin B 144 and the others not far behind

B Grade Dennis R 133, then Greg G 141, then Brian S 143…..very close after that

C Grade Garry D 134, then Ken S 137, then Vic S 145

The last round in all grades will be very close.

Just a few notes: please make sure your card matches the computer BEFORE pressing SAVE. There were 3 cards that were not correctly entered last week which could prove to be costly for the individual.

: could we please repair the pitch marks around the edge of the greens as well.

The sheets are on the board for Sussex Inlet and the Highlands- we need more players!!

The correct results for the Telegraph will be in Saturday’s edition of the telegraph.

All the best next week to all players.

Mugs Away


8/5/2019 Worrigee links Vets golf – Round One Club Championships

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Grade     Allan Steeden 70 net C/B       Grade     Dennis Reid 64 net       Grade     Garry Dwyer 69 net C/B (whoo hoo)

Runners Up

A Grade     Robert Pitt 70 net                     B Grade     Greg Goswell 72 net     C Grade      Bob Biesheuvel 69 net

Nearest The Pin

A Grade    Paul Wallace 6th hole     Cam Fraser 12th hole

B Grade   Not Won 6th hole and 8th hole

C Grade     Not Won 6th hole  and 17th hole

Drive And Pitch

A  Grade     Col Burgess 4th hole        Not Won 9th hole

B Grade      Ian Mackie  4th hole          Brian Dwyer  13th hole

C Grade     Garry Dwyer 4th hole        Bob Biesheuvel 15th hole

It was the first round of the Club Championships. The leaders in A grade are Alan and  Robert closely followed by Ken, Kel, Bruce and Brian. S. In B Grade Dennis. R with a hot 64 is in the lead with next best Greg and Tony. In C Grade Garry. D and Bob. B share the lead with 69 net followed by Ken and Chris. All grades are very close. Good luck to all.

The sheet is on the board for the friendly at the highlands on 6th June. Coming up on 27th May is MSCVGA at Sussex Inlet.

Don’t forget your pitch marks thanks.

Mugs Away






1/5/2019 Worrigee Links Vets Golf Wray Owen Monthly Mug

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Monthly Mug winner was Phil Nicolaides. Congratulations Phil. 



A Grade    Phil Viret 65 nett           B Grade Doug Reid 64 nett           C Grade Geoff Rankin 66 nett

Runners Up

A Grade    Ken Smith 65 on c/b    B Grade Greg Goswell 64 on c/b   C Grade Stuart Dossiter 67 nett

Nearest The Pin

A Grade     B Herring 6th hole     P Viret 8th hole

B Grade     A Liebert 6th hole     Dennis Reid 8th hole

C Grade     G Sinclair 6th hole    G Lanham 8th hole

Drive & Pitch

A Grade     C Burgess 4th hole                  K Turner 9th hole

B Grade     I Cockburn 4th hole               B Cannon 13th hole

C Grade     Claudio Dall’Orto  4th hole   W Beckenham 13th hole

Good scoring was the order of the day with Phil Nicolaides great round, a 72 off the stick.

At the conclusion of the day hot doggies went down well, beautifully presented to the 53 starters by the Masterchef “The Stranger” whose talents never seem to end.

Our old mate, Ken Bailey, is not too well at the moment. We wish him all the best and look forward to his speedy recovery.

Next Monday MSCVGA is at Nowra. Good luck to the team. A better showing assured this time. Prediction 5th spot.

From President Bob

Congratulations to Rob Lidsey who scored a” hole in one”  at Yarrawonga last week.

Some notes regarding “The Race To October”:

After 25 weeks of play Brian Herring leads by a slim margin from Wayne Beckenham and Phil Nicolaides. The leader board is becoming quite congested with 7 players within one win of Brian. The leader board will operate until the Mug round 2/10/2019. Details of the structure of the “Race To October” final series (to be held in conjunction with Vets October rounds) will be announced in the next couple of weeks.

Please Note: Monday 27th May MSCVGA at Sussex

Monday 24th June MSCVGA at Mollymook

Monday 25th November a friendly at St Georges Basin

24/4/2019 Worrigee Links Vets Golf – 2 Person Ambrose

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A Liebert and S Dossetor

Runners Up

B Walsh and J Van Dieten

Nearest The Pin

C Fraser     12th hole          B Walsh      6th hole           L Cuka     8th hole          B Stapleton     17th hole

Drive And Pitch

B Walsh     4th hole          A Liebert      13th hole

Congratulations to Alan and Stu on winning the ANZAC trophy on a c/b from Bob and John. The protest flag was put up but was dismissed after a long delay. Bad luck Bob, good try! This event was a refreshing change from Stableford. Everybody seemed to enjoy it.

The list for the MSCVCC on 6th May at Nowra is now on the board.

The 19 man shootout is on Monday 3rd June. Check Col for your name.

Next week’s event is the Wray Owen Monthly Mug, Wednesday 1st May.

The Dwyer brothers will clash in the next round of the match play. Expect some fireworks!

Mugs Away



17/4/2019 Worrigee Links Vets Golf – Single Stableford

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A Grade     Phil Nicolaides 41 points     B Grade     Lindsay Beal 43 points     C Grade     Bob Biesheuvel 41 points

Runners Up

A Grade     Alan Steeden 40 points        B Grade     Bob Cannon 39 points      C Grade      George Jurotte 39 points

Nearest the Pin

A Grade     Alan Steeden 6th hole         Col Burgess 12th hole

B Grade     Not Won 6th hole                Ken Bailey 8th hole

C Grade     Bob Biesheuvel 6th hole     Bob Biesheuvel 17th hole

Drive And Pitch

A Grade     Alan Steeden 4th hole         Brian Herring 9th hole

B Grade     Bruce Clark 4th hole           Brian Dwyer 13th hole

C Grade     Garry Dwyer 4th hole         Mike Hasler 15th hole

Our competition today was a Single Stableford. Congratulations to the winners Phil, Lyndsay and Bob. The course and weather were perfect for golf with some good scoring. Just a few things coming up: Monthly Mug on 1st May, MSCVCC at Nowra 6th May, first round of Club Championships 8th May. Also, down the track on 4th September is Calderwood is booked.

This week’s event is a 2 person Ambrose for the ANZAC Day trophy.

Mugs Away

15/4/2019 Friendly Against Shell Cove & St Georges Basin

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Overall Score

Worrigee     382      Shell Cove     377     St Georges Basin     352


Winners     1st Chris Tolhurst – Shell Cove 37 points     2nd  Jennifer Noden – St Georges Basin 34 points     3rd Leonie Williams – Shell Cove 33 points c/b



A Grade Col Brigstock –  Worrigee 39 points     B Grade Alan Steeden – Worrigee 42 points     C Grade Keith Smith – Shell Cove 42 points

Runners Up

A Grade Craig Farnham – Shell Cove 38 points     B Grade Brian Price – St Georges Basin 40 points     C Grade Joseph Anderson – Shell Cove 40 points c/b







10/4/2019 Worrigee Links Vets Golf – Single Stableford

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A Grade     Kel Turner 39 points                        B Grade     Bruce Clark 43 points                   C Grade     K Stevenson 31 points

Runners Up

A Grade    Phil Nicolaides 39 points C/B        B Grade       Peter Conlon 37 points C/B        C Grade     George Jurotte 36 points C/B

Nearest The Pin

A Grade    Phil Nicolaides 6th hole                  Not Won 12th hole

B Grade    Curt Moy 6th hole                            Not Won 8th hole

C Grade    Not Won 6th hole                            Not Won 17th hole

Drive And Pitch

A Grade Brian Herring 4th hole                     Col Brigstock 9th hole

B Grade Bruce Clark 4th hole                         Bob Cannon 13th hole

C Grade Not Won 4th hole                             George Jurotte 15th hole

We seem to be blessed with fine weather on Wednesdays with another big field playing a Single Stableford. The winners were Kel, Bruce and Ken. Well done fellows.”Not Won” was the biggest winner on the day with 5.

The friendly against Shellcove and Basin is on Monday 15th April. We have 80 starters at this stage. Don, Alf and Nev will be on BBQ duty so it should be a good feed!

This week’s event (17th April) is a Single Stableford.

Don’t forget not too close to the greens with your carts.

Mugs Away

3/4/2019 Worrigee Links Vets Golf Wray Owen Monthly Mug

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62 members and 1 visitor played on the day.

Congratulations to the winner of The Wray Owen Monthly Mug,  Kel Turner with 64 net


Grade     John Peters            64 net     Grade     Steve Cornford  67 net           Grade    Michael Hasler   65 net

Runners Up

A Grade     Michael Liddy        65 net     B Grade     Peter Conlon   69 net             C Grade     Ken Stevenson  68 net

Nearest The Pin

A Grade     P Viret                 6th hole               Not Won          12th hole

B Grade    Not Won              6th hole               R Lydon           8th hole

C Grade    Chris Hoffman   6th hole               Don Forester   17th hole

Drive And Pitch

A Grade     Chris Pender      4th hole               Bill Snelgrove     9th hole

B Grade     Les Berghofer    4th hole               Greg Goswell      13th hole

Grade     Lindsay Elliott   4th hole               Ken Stevenson    15th hole

The Monthly Mug was played in beautiful weather with 63 starters. The Mug winner was Kel Turner with a net 64 on C/B from John Peters. Well done Kel.

There were some good scores in all grades. The green-keeping staff should take a bow. The course is in superb condition. The fairways must be some of the in the district. Well done boys.

Don’t forget the friendly on Monday 15th April versus Shell Cove and Basin at Worrigee. Shotgun start and BBQ.

Also an advanced notice that Callderwood will be on Wednesday 4th September.

A reminder that carts should not be driven too close to the greens and don’t forget pitch marks.

This week’s event is a Single Stableford.

Mugs Away


Mugs Away




27/3/2019 Worrigee Links Vet Golf Results Single Stableford

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Worrigee Vets hosted visitors from the highlands for their annual friendly. The Worrigee team prevailed running out winners by 392 to 320. The return game will be played in June and we are hoping a 72 point advantage is enough to give us victory this year. A photo finish is expected.

Winners on the day

A Grade     Phil Nicolaides     41 points     Runner Up     Col Burgess     37 points

B Grade     Greg Goswell        41 points     Runner Up     Rob Lidsey     40 points

C Grade     Chris Hoffman     42 points     Runner Up     Geoff Rankin     40 points

Nearest The Pin

Grade     Phil Nicolaides     6th hole     B Herring            12th hole

B Grade     Brian Dwyer         6th hole     Dennis Reid         8th hole

C Grade     Not Won               6th hole      Nev Catterallo      17th hole

Drive and Pitch

A Grade     Phil Nicolaides      4th hole         Not Won              9th hole

B Grade     Ross Ayton            4th hole          Not Won              13th hole

C Grade     Not Won                4th hole          Alf Bargwanna    15th hole

More names are required for the MSCVCC on Monday 8th April at Vincentia . Please see the noticeboard for more details.

This week’s event is the Monthly Mug.

Mugs Away


20/3/2019 Worrigee Links Vets Golf 4BBB In Conjunction With Single Stableford

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58 members played

Winners 4BBB

Mick Liddy and Rob Lidsey 46 points on C/B

Runners Up

Wayne Beckenham and Wayne McGill 46 points

Nearest The Pin

A Grade     Not Won     6th hole          Not Won     12th hole

B Grade     B Stapylton     6th hole       B Dwyer     8th hole

C Grade     Not won    6th hole             Not Won     17th hole

Drive And Pitch

A Grade     P Nicolaides     4th hole     Chris Pender     9th hole

B Grade     B Clark              4th hole      Not Won     13th hole

C Grade     G Dwyer           4th hole     Claudio     15th hole

We were lucky the rain held off ensuring a great day for golf.We had 58 starters for today’s events. In the Single Stableford Geoff Rankin won on a C/B with 39 points from Alan Steeden. The 4BBB was won by Mick Liddy and Rob Lidsey with 46 points on a C/B from the two Waynes.

All the best to Bruce Ryan, our hard working committee man as he travels across Australia for the rest of the year.

This weeks event is Single Stableford with a shot gun start at 8:30 with visitors from the highlands. A BBQ will be organised by Captain Les and his wife Lynette. Many thanks.

On 3rd April our Monthly Mug and Putt will be held.

Mugs Away