Charity Bingo


  • Tickets will go on sale at 7pm every Tuesday night
  • The draw will commence at 7:30pm sharp
  • There will be a brief 20 minute break halfway through the game
  • A full book of tickets will cost $30
  • A half book of tickets will cost $15
  • Each Jackpot Sheet will cost $1
  • Prizes will be determined on the number of books sold
  • Jackpot prizes will increase each week with the call number going up by 1
  • If the jackpot is not won, a $50 prize will be paid
  • Entry is only to persons over the age of 12, but must be accompanied by an adult
  • If the caller makes an incorrect call, that number will be valid and the game will go on
  • Lines and full houses must be called CLEARLY on the last number drawn
  • Disputes will be dealt with by the caller and the scrutineer – ALL DECISIONS WILL BE FINAL
  • The permit, permit conditions and financial statement can be requested to be viewed at any time
  • No person conducting or assisting in the conduct of the session can purchase tickets, participate as a player, or win prizes