Wray Owen Monthly Medal June 2015

20150214_074557The day belonged to Christian Oliver not for winning the Golf but for attaining the age of 40!!Chris invited just about all the Golfers to his bash on Saturday Night a great night was had by all although I believe Chris felt more like 60 than 40 on Sunday morning.

A     Grade  Garry DeBanke 80/68  R/u Paul Harris  75/70  3rd  Steve Akehurst 79/70

B     Grade  Errol   Raddatz  84/67   R/U Dave Hedger 82/69  3rd Mark Cockburn 87/70

C     Grade   Blake Tomlin   100/70  R/U  Ed Mears  104/71   3rd Jim Mc grath   97/74

Ladies Winner   Alona Brown 100/78

Scratch Winners    A  grade  Paul Harris  B  Grade  Dave Hedger  C grade  Jim Mc Grath

Drive and Pitch   A  Grade  Not Won  B Grade  Vince Morris  C Grade Larry Smith

Long Drive  A Grade  Evan Logan  B Grade Greg Pile  C grade  Dennis Reid

Nearest to pin 6th Doug Reid 14th Garry De Banke

Golden Shot  Mark Speechley  $55

Balls To 74


Monthly Medal Draw $75 Voucher Rob Walker.Well done!!

Well done to new member Larry Smith who Eagled the 15th to win the drive and Pitch.

All enjoyed a BBQ after the game however if you hit off late might be a good idea to grab something on the way through.

.20150215_082931A couple of fearsome competetors waiting to hit off in the shoalhaven shield